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RTE allow Late Late Show to mock the Eucharist

Chris Rock once observed that there were in his view two types of black people, one could be simply referred to as 'black people' and the other by an N word I prefer not to type. I'm not Enda Kenny. It was his opinion that the former were civilised and normal individuals who wanted to enjoy their lives, forming a silent majority. The latter however, revelled not just in indulgence but in ignorance. Nothing, he said, makes them happier than not knowing the answer to your question.

The same must be said of many of Ireland's middle and upper classes, those who value the media as a perpetual assault on the revolting unwashed unemployed masses who still value such outdated concepts as family and religion. Nothing makes an anti-Catholic bore more ecstatic than repeating some dry old criticism or slur of mockery as if it were a groundbreaking piece of theological insight (just look at any of the people who thought putting a Father Ted quote on their George Soros cardboard at the Repeal the 8th marches).

On the January 6th episode of the Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy engaged in one of the most inane conversations ever committed to film. So banal and base was it, it's unfathomable to think that the Late Late Show spends about €250,000 a year on guests and this is the best that they can come up with.

The conversation started with Ryan Tubridy engaging his guests, Stefanie Preissner, Michael Harding and David Chambers (Blindboy from Rubberbandits) about the numbers of Catholics returning to Mass after men like the aforementioned former Father Michael Harding had done their utmost to ruin souls within the Church.

RYAN TUBRIDY: When I was a kid everyone went to Mass on Sunday up until the scandals and then I was talking to a priest who was saying that he is 'noticing that the 30s age group are starting to come back to Mass'. Maybe the Church has purged itself of a lot of things. What is happening to that generation who said they had no interest in Mass? What fills that void? Where to they go for spiritual sustenance?
This sounds like a reasonable introduction from Ryan Tubridy. However, one must remember what was in front of him. A man who abandoned the priesthood for Buddhism and has compared celibate priests to suicide bombers (with the tacit approval of the notorious ACP). Another man who is a member of a comedy duo of affluent, privileged young men who believe that nuns used to roam the island of Ireland looking for babies to fill up slurry pits with. And then a relatively insignificant screen writer who would no doubt be eager to fit in with her more well known guests.


DAVID CHAMBERS: A lot of people are turning to the internet, to mindfulness, meditation and exercise. I don't know a lot of young people who are into the church. Any one I know who goes to Midnight Mass are not going there for haunted bread but because their grandmother is making them go or because the whole family is there. And everyone who goes to Midnight Mass is half cut anyway.

RT: There's a bit of that.


Two things are at play here.
One is David's dishonest, shallow and anti intellectual approach to a topic where he clearly regards himself as a spokesman for spoofer hipster lefties of all persuasions.

The other is Ryan's complete obliviousness to the similarities of what was described regarding the cultural position of Mass with his own show.

Chambers is the type of guy who thinks that Retweeting Ricky Gervais's tweets mocking religion but touting the benefits of calling people who wear fur big meanies is akin to reading Aristotle. Why does Chambers have time for fads like meditation and mindfulness but not for the Catholicism? Probably because he's the type of guy who believes that Ireland's male suicide problem (4/5 suicides are male) is down to not only a lack of feminism but also down to the same Catholic Church that he asserts no longer has any influence. The Rubberbandits and their fellow giant of philosophy Bressie, have intimated in the past that confession is to blame for so many young men killing themselves. Even though the Church is irrelevant to said young people and they don't attend Church, well apart from the 1,600 of them from Ireland who went to World Youth Day in Krakow in 2016.

As for the Late Late, it is a show that is genuinely watched only because of family, being half cut or because you're grandmother is making you. Although partaking in the alleged recreational habits of RTE staff members could contribute to a person wanting to watch it either.

Blindboy receiving his MA from Limerick IT
on 'How to spread sectarian bigotry through comedy'


Michael Harding: I'd go for the haunted bread.

Michael's words were the most twisted of the whole segment.
He is a former priest who has compared celibacy, devoting one's self to the glory of God in an offering of love and devotion, to being a suicide bomber. So sick with lust was Michael that he walked away from Christ and has shown no dignity since, mocking the faith rather than celebrating the new one he found, Buddhism. The religion which has been the source of disgusting terrorism in many parts of the world in recent years against Catholics and Muslims, is the one which he now apparently adheres to.

RT: The haunted bread - it's a great expression.
DC: But that is what it is.
MH: It's a good phrase itself, the haunted bread.
SP:  I used to be very terrified of it though.
RT: The haunted bread?
SP: No. It's the Body of Christ.
RT: Oh, sorry, the body of Christ.
SP: Well, that's what it was called.
RT: Communion
SP: Holy bread. The Body of Christ is a very scary concept. That's cannibalism. I don't know if I want to eat this.


Stefani's most well known appearance on television prior to this was on the Cutting Edge where she expressed disbelief at every word of George Hook before declaring it was 'surreal'. Interestingly enough, most of her reaction that night and to this segment follows Scott Adams's ideas on tells for cognitive dissonance. In other words, poor ol' Stef hasn't a breeze what's going on.


RT: I never thought of it as cannibalism but if you think it through, Michael, maybe that is what was happening.
DC: The language does not want us to use critical thinking about it. They are asking us to eat the ghost of a two thousand year old carpenter and then as the same time he is not only a ghost, he is actually real and it's a ghost and is human flesh at the same time and he's two thousands years old (laughs)
RT: I cannot tell you how melted my head is (laughs) Michael you were a priest, help us out here.
MH: For a stint.
DH: Sorry about the haunted bread stuff. (Laughs)
RT: See, the Catholic guilt already.
DC: I'll have to flagellate myself later.
MH: If you take what goes on at post truth society, that is really the collapse of medieval culture. When we thought everything was true we mightn't experience it but people told us it was true. Along came a philosopher who said. 'I can't accept anything is true unless I experienced it'. We pushed into a culture in the twentieth century that said 'I have my truth and f u'.
The Medieval idea of Jesus or haunted bread cannot stand up. What is happening now is that very dark forces have come to play with truthiness. If Jesus or the haunted bread helps you to be more compassionate or caring about these people around you then I am for haunted bread.
DC: People think I have a problem with religion myself. I only have a problem with religion if it is in the school system. People are entitled to believe what they want.
MH: I have a problem with religion in one sense. I would not like to see people go back to Mass I think it's a gross moment when people move away from the insitutional sense of religion. Taking refuge is not surrender, taking refuge is fear. Taking refuge in a Church is a way of holding on because you are afraid to live with nothing. You are afraid to live afraid to die.


To sum this part up.
Blindboy: This is one of the most dishonest things I've ever heard on television. This man is a compulsive liar with no convictions other than to be the uncrowned king of Ireland's hipster pseudo intellectuals.
Firstly, if he does not understand the concept of the Eucharist and wishes to demean it as a far fetched concept, perhaps he should learn the language of sincere religious belief instead of trying to pass off his incoherent babble as merely a means of expressing his character.
Secondly, he hasn't even the honesty to admit that he has a clear problem with religion. He states that he respects the belief of others and yet this is a man who has tried to claim that Ireland's young men commit suicide because of confession and because they have not been exposed to enough Cultural Marxist Feminism, the same type that rips apart their families, leaves them on the Dole and destroys their self esteem through television. Blindboy has a problem with religion and retreats into his comedy persona when the conversation gets too heavy.
Thirdly, his nonsense about schools is the most disgusting of all anti-Catholic propaganda pieces in Ireland. Catholic schools are regarded as the best throughout the country, not only that but this is a childless man providing no reason for Catholicism not being a part of school system. He wants it replaced with mindfulness, a pathetic buzzword for meditation and motivational speaking which expects students to be obtuse and shallow enough to not see it as a cheap replacement for living a life of bliss without even empirical justification for existence. Not only that, but he seems to be so entrenched in Far Left nonsense that he doesn't realise that most schools don't actually ask for Baptism certs nor is there any concern from parents, many of whom raised money as a parish to provide for Catholic schools, something that the amalgamated middle to upper class Protestant, Freemason, LGBT, atheist anti-Catholic brigade can't seem to bring themselves to do. But yet they're entitled to our schools apparently.

Michael Harding: This man does not deserve to be taken seriously. He believes the Eucharist is impossible to really believe in and yet as a Buddhist he believes that if someone does not live a good life they might return as a ferret or a gerbil someday. This is a man who walked away from the faith. His prerogative of course, but then he has the nerve to declare that fear motivates people to go to Church.
In an era where priests in Europe are getting their heads cut off and Christian persecution has led to thousands (many of them women and children) being beheaded, crucified and raped for their faith, it is disgusting that a man who walked away from his faith to practise a belief which promises him that he could be reincarnated as a ferret. The priesthood is obviously better off without him.

What is present here, apart from a desperate effort on the part of RTE to mock Catholics, is a sincere belief by secularists that Catholicism is in some way informed by ignorance. People who can barely formulate a sentence on religion that they haven't plagiarised from Richard Dawkins et al. have suddenly decided that 'Medieval' is a pejorative, that St. Thomas Aquinas and others are the intellectual inferiors of Bressie and Blindboy. The ideals of both Blindboy and Harding are the same, hence why Pope Benedict XVI said 'If Buddhism is is attractive, it is because it appears to have the possibility of touching the the infinite and obtaining happiness without any concrete religious obligations'. In both Mindfulness and Buddhism we have an 'Autoerotic spirituality' which is more about narcissism than about helping others.

Mocking Mohammad's marriage to children, Jewish's people's murder of Christ or Protestant privilege within Ireland are all taboo subjects in South Dublin's tax funded propaganda arm so why should they be allowed to mock the most central part of belief in the faith of the Catholic Church? Haven't we avenues in place to protest such things?
Of course we do.


or if you wish to send a letter, you can contact them at

3rd Floor Admin Building
Dublin 4

This is a country where we've 2,000 homeless children in our capital city, where 4/5 suicides are male, where nearly 200 children die in State Care each decade and where nearly half a million is spent on the wages of a light entertainment show host who cannot for the life of him navigate an intellectual conversation about anything other than Harry Potter books. The idea that we are expected to allow large sums of our tax money to provide for some infantile halfwits mock our religion on television like this is the height of liberal hypocrisy. Secularists have had this country for years now and their beliefs bring nothing but violence and the disharmony mentioned above. And all they can do is sit smugly and laugh at 'Medieval' ideas which are in truth, too big for their pop culture brains.
Jonathan Safran Foer once wrote “I used to think that humour was the only way to appreciate how wonderful and terrible the world is, to celebrate how big life is. But now I think the opposite. Humour is a way of shrinking from that wonderful and terrible world.”  God is not mocked.

Some Christians who are about to be beheaded , by masked men on a par with celibate priests,  because they are not as brave as Michael Harding

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