Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eagles of Death Metal singer deserves our prayers

'Were not the victims of the recent shooting in Paris just then partaking in a Rock song that called on the Devil?' - Bishop Richard Williamson 12/12/15

In case you missed it, many in the Traditional Catholic internet chose last year's terror attacks in Paris as an opportunity to take aim not just at the perpetrators of the terror attack but also at some of the victims of said atrocity too.

The basis for this rests upon the fact that the rock band that they were attending a concert of, Eagles of Death Metal, have not only the words 'Death Metal' in their name but also the fact that they were singing a song called 'Kiss the Devil' at the moment that the terrorists opened fire.

While some of these have ranged from reasonably concerned, such as Bishop Williamson's question above, many of those who have commented on it have shown an intellectual laziness, social aloofness and downright dishonest self-righteousness when talking about the cold blooded murder of 90 people, most of them young white Europeans probably from Christian families.

To firstly explain the band themselves. The name Eagles of Death Metal was construed from a joke about the classic rock band Eagles. Eagles of Death Metal do not play Metal of any sort but rather a fast paced and melodic type of pop rock with mostly irreverent lyrics. Their two most well known members are their singer, Jesse Hughes and their drummer Josh Homme who is more well known for his other band Queens of the Stone Age.

Secondly, to explain the song 'Kiss the Devil'. The song is not referring to Satan. It is referring to lead singer, Jesse Hughes, who has the nickname 'The Devil', given to him as a teenager for being vehement when dealing with gaining revenge on bullies. When he talks about women wanting to 'kiss the Devil' he is bragging about how exuberant a lead singer he is and how attractive he must be to them. Not an admirable quality as a Christian obviously but remembering it is a tongue in cheek parody of rock singers.

These two facts would have taken far less time to research than some of the vicious spiel that was spouted by ignorant click bait seeking Catholic outlets and holier than thou quick to be outraged sedevacantists and stay at home Catholics. That is not to suggest there is something holy about rock music or about bragging even sardonically about one's attractiveness to the opposite sex, but it does mean that the reason for most criticisms was completely out of sync with reality.

So what made good Catholics suggest that this band were purely Satanic? Or as one commenter on Facebook, obviously one who has no problem using a website that funds any number of pro sodomy and pro abortion initiatives throughout the world, suggested, that every person in that audience might have died in a state of mortal sin. Are we to believe that every thing that we read or see or hear in entertainment in the arts is literal? If I died listening to Macbeth say that life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing, would I be in a state of mortal sin? Or if I was an actor expressing my anger that God had fixed his canon against self-slaughter? Is it not judgmental to assume that everyone who sings or listens to rock music is a degenerate?

Jessie Hughes is in no way a soul averse to God's love and he has stated that his faith is the most important thing in the world to him. The most difficult moment of his life (before the Paris attacks) was his separation from his wife as he his faith compelled him not to believe in divorce in such a situation. After the attacks happened he received a call from Bono, who prayed with him on the phone. He has since become a figure of hatred for the liberal left, with Eagles of Death Metal being kicked off the bill at French festivals as attacks raged across Europe in the summer of 2016.

Describing the cause of the attacks as being due to the "liberal need to surrender'' Hughes has also said that Muslims cry wolf about ''Islamophobia in order to anesthetize us and make us easier prey." Speaking on the sensitivity of a generation towards offensive words but not to ISIS crucifying and murdering children and young people, Hughes said of ISIS that"They know there's a whole group of white kids out there who are stupid and blind. You have these affluent white kids who have grown up in a liberal curriculum from the time they were in kindergarten, inundated with these lofty notions that are just hot air. Look at where it's getting them''.  He also said, "When you tell people they can't help themselves and that they're children, you weaken them to a point where three feet away is life and they can't see it because they're too scared," he said. "It's like the bleating sheep from 'Animal Farm.' You suggest anything that strays from the narrative and this chorus of bleats comes to drown you out. This attack didn't happen by accident." 

In the same interview he says he is 'pro-life'.

On the 1st anniversary of the attacks, the manager of the Bataclan Jules Frutos described the band as 'persona non grata' for criticising Islam and said that they were not welcome to visit there any longer. He described Hughes as a 'sick man' and stated that the band used the event as 'promotion'.

Such behaviour is symptomatic of the liberal left, who idolise ISIS while regarding Donald Trump as a dictator. When Catholics take a knee jerk criticism of people such as Hughes, we should give them a fair hearing, or else keep quiet. Because in this awful chapter of history, men like Hughes may have their vices, but that need not make them villains.

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