Wednesday, August 24, 2016

That which dwells in the eye of a baby

Two Women Travel is a Twitter account which began on August 19th, detailing the journey of two haughty Irish women to an abortion clinic in Manchester as they sought to murder a child through abortion. These two ladies (using the term loosely) in question wanted to portray Ireland's abortion laws as somehow barbaric. More barbaric than killing your own child for a sense of self-fulfillment and hashtag clicks oddly enough.

Insinuating that those who believe that life is sacred (or who believe in basic Biology) are ignorant of the numbers of women who travel from Ireland to the UK to murder their child in the womb, the Two Women Travel account also suggested that they were demistifying the process of travelling from Ireland to the UK, a journey familiar to millions of people each year for non-baby killing purposes.

Apart from being almost comically mundane, the account demonstrated the absolute selfishness of the two infanticide enthusiasts as they complained about having to wait for trains and lamenting the fact that they could have been home by noon were it not for laws protecting children's lives. What else would they have been doing with this extra time had they had it to themselves? Sharing smarmy #repealthe8th Tweets? Watching Game of Thrones? The complaints only got more pathetic as they exclaimed that they were not comforted by the familiarity of trains or buses. Hey join the club. With delusion they exclaimed their Messianic victimhood as they used terms like 'Forced to leave Ireland' and 'exiled' as they praised themselves for being 'brave' yet at the same time 'humble'. Griping about their flight being delayed, they finally arrived home. And that was it.

Intellectual heavyweight James Corden...
well he's one of those two things anyways

They received serious acclaim from moral authorities like James Corden and Twitter user Marion Dargon, the latter of whom declared 'Ye are heroes. X'.  Somehow though, those two intellectual heavyweights aside, I found it hard to shake how vulgar this voyeuristic approach to snuffing our your own child was. Apart from it contradicting the supposed widely held belief among feminists that killing your own child is none of anyone else's business, it represented how out of touch abortion supporters are with the gravity of the act that they commit. Their consciences and hubris are so far wrapped up in the praises of Amnesty International and other pro abortion groups that it seems impossible for them to imagine that they too were a fragile, helpless life like the one that they destroyed for acclaim.

What became of this little child? Were they tossed out in the bin? Their body parts sold for medical research? Dismembered before being disposed of?

The brutal horror is too much for those of us who were lucky to leave the womb without being murdered to contemplate, but it is reality for this poor innocent child nonetheless.

I would suggest that we have some sympathy for these women in how lost they are in their sin, yet there is a pride and vulgarity in their boasting which makes one shudder.
Quoting Diamanda Galas, they tweeted Let them laugh at the trial of the innocent. Diamanda Galas for anyone who does not know, was part of an AIDS advocacy group who went into St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York in 1989 and threw used condoms on the Holy Eucharist. Since this is the type of person these women look up to, we can gather that this premeditated act seemed as much about public notoriety for their cause as anything else.

Seeing some perverse innocence in killing the most pure innocence that can be known, the purity and potential of a human life at its most fragile stage of development. Chesterton once said The most unfathomable schools and sages have never attained to the gravity which dwells in the eyes of a baby. 

And here, two vandals have tried to desecrate that innocence. Just as Diamanda Galas tried to desecrate the innocence of Our Lord.

Innocence always emerges unscathed from such evil, that child is still innocent. Let us pray for its soul. It is worth so much more to God than a few hashtag clicks.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Please take care of the soul of this baby who lost its life on this Earth through abortion and please spare the life of any child who may be in danger of a similar act by an Irish mother. 


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