Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sydney Rose and Ireland's self esteem issues

Previously, I spoke about how Irish people sycophantically fawned over Stephen Fry's froth fuelled drivel regarding God's existence or lack thereof on The Meaning of Life. Fry avoided logic during his interview with Gay Byrne, but instead seemed visibly upset when he spoke of his anger towards a figure that he knew to be imaginary, the same way many of this generation might feel about Voldemort. Irish people of course could not see through Fry's personal anguish masquerading as vehement cries to the heavens for justice, instead they did what Irish people often do when faced with a posh English leftie, they sucked up to him. They felt blessed to be imparted with his wisdom.

Likewise, Irish people felt equally enthralled to be blessed with the wisdom of Sydney Rose Brianna Parkins in the Rose of Tralee. Brianna is a (you guessed it!) journalist back home in Australia who was no doubt one of the contestants asked about her views on abortion in the lead up to the event. Proclaiming that, I think we can do better here in Ireland. I think it is time to give women a say on their own reproductive rights she then went on to say that she believed that a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment was long overdue. 

As to who 'we' are is beyond me giving that she does not live in this country but aside from that, Parkins's attitude reflects the glibness of the Repeal the 8th machine. Coming only days after two monotonous women praised themselves for arranging the abortion of a child through Twitter, Parkins represents the suffragette complex that many working for Repeal the 8th have. The #YesEquality thing was fun while it lasted but now they need some other cause that they are half committed to to offer meaning to their (in most cases) affluent lives. 

Parkins is incredibly hypocritical to assert opposition to Ireland's abortion laws on two intertwined grounds. One is that she defines herself as a feminist specialising in criticising gender based violence and the other is that she comes from a country who has barbaric abortion practices. 

Some statistics regarding Australia's abortion laws: 

- 1,400 babies were aborted between 2003 and 2013 just for being FEMALE
- 95% of children with Down Syndrome are aborted 
- Babies that survive late term abortions (of which there are many, even though one is enough) are left to die by the 'doctors' that are killing them . This number is on the rise

There are many other heinous womb based human rights abuses taking place against children in Australia but our information on them is limited. For the simple reason that abortion 'doctors' are so proud of their work and mothers so proud of their deed that they refuse to let official data be collected in most cases. Go figure. 

As to how a woman can take the moral high ground on women's rights when she is supporting a practice which deliberately reduces the number of females in her country by the thousands is beyond me. 

Although, Irish feminists have a handy explanation. We're backwards. She's progressive and just can't believe medieval lovely girls competition muddying the waters Iona Institute old men child abuse priests Enda Kenny equality Tuam babies Magdelene laundries my body my choice etc. 

A brief snippet from 2012 of how
Australian media regards the intelligence of Irish women

Each of those 1,400 girls has as much right to live as Brianna has. Those poor innocent children with Down Syndrome had as much right to speak as Brianna does. And those helpless babies left to die after fighting valiantly to survive in a way unbecoming their cowardly mothers during late term abortions deserve to live and be cared for as much as Brianna was as a child. 

None of these things will convince a minority so entrenched in selfishness and politics that they can't understand the simple right of any human being to live, independent of the opposition of another, even their own mother. Yet it is all worth saying, and it is worth acknowledging the desperation of the pro abortion lobby in Ireland that they have had to recruit someone to oversees to head their cause. Though of course, knowing Irish people's weaknesses for self-esteem, perhaps it wasn't the least shrewd move they could have made. Just like with Stephen Fry, if you want an Irish person to feel inadequate, just tell them how backwards they appear to the rest of the world.

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