Friday, March 25, 2016

Goodbye Europe, hello ISIS

Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. 

 - Archbishop Amel Nona of Mosul, Iraq
August 9 2014 

If the mark of an educated person is to entertain a thought without accepting it, we could probably conclude that most of the Western world  have simply not been schooled on the historical, theological and political reasons for Islamist terror becoming the defining struggle of our century.  They just can't be, it is completely incomprehensible to believe that some people could look upon the Islamic (and especially Islamist) world as benign having taken into account what actually transpires within it over the course of a day. 
That would be to give the typical Westerner undeserving credit however. It is worth recalling that Judas had first hand knowledge of Christ Himself and still betrayed Him, that many popes and clergymen have had great knowledge of Our Lord but yet were still able to find ways in which to follow the destructive paths of their own free will. Those in the West who have ignored warnings like the one above have surely not wanted to see their cities attacked? Without doubt did they not have sympathy for the poor Christians of Mosul being raped, slaughtered and tortured? And surely they know of the historical precedents of what happens when you leave genocide unchecked, especially by hordes of Mohammedan barbarians? 

As it turns out, the answer to all three questions is evidently not. 
While each passing year sees Hollywood and education systems find new ways to commemorate events like the Holocaust, with Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds a recent irreverent example, as if it was the only mass murder in history and as if Hitler is the only bad person to ever walk the face of the Earth. That's not hyperbole, that's what people actually appear to believe. An obsessive retrospective mourning that comes for the price of a few tears and a proud assertions of 'never again'. We can afford to be boastful unlike those mean Nazis, cos we're not like them, and especially not like the world (motivated by Christian bigotry of course!)that looked away while mass murder took place. 

Well, it has happened again, and not merely with our silence as consent, but with the active participation of Western leaders spearheaded by Barack Hussein Obama to add to that consent also. The same Obama who armed 'rebels' in Syria and encouraged the unsuccessful toppling of Assad along with successful Islamist coups in Libya and Egypt. 

But that's not an issue for the public. Obama is a benevolent man full stop. The knee jerk assumption of the public to declare that everyone who raises a worry about these events is an alarmist or even, comically, a bigot, is simply an indication of how far removed from reality the average westerner is. They don't really recognise the humanity of those who have suffered under the ISIS genocide, nor do they recognise the humanity of each individual killed in Paris or Brussels, all that appear to them are possibilities for self praising hashtags like 'terrorism has no religion' or 'pray for Belgium'. Ironic, given most of them have no intentions of praying but in moments of great violence they will recognise that it is normally considered to be an outward sign of compassion, bringing public approval. 

In the same way that they barely recognise the humanity of the victims, they barely recognise the reality of ISIS themselves. ISIS have become a punchline for left wing Europeans in the same manner that North Korea are, it is completely unfashionable and incomprehensible to Twitter users, people with top knots and Adele fans to merely suggest that large numbers of human beings are being murdered and enslaved by entities that they have made deities of, namely races with skin other than white and religions other than Christianity. How gauche genocide is to a generation that lists pancake personalities like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg as its spokesmen and their narcissistic products as their gospels. 

How could people go from fearing the apocalypse with 9/11 to complete indifference at seeing Europe's beautiful capital cities not only being overrun with Muslims, but overrun with Muslim terrorists gunning down and blowing up innocent people? Is it because people have totally disengaged themselves from reality? Being a consumer, idolising one's self through the non-realities of social media and denying that history has any relevance, these are the dogmas of the citizens of the last days of Christendom. The warnings from Iraq, the footage from Syria of children being crucified, the videos of hostages in Libya being beheaded mean absolutely nothing in an age which has convinced itself that history is over, that we are immune from the trends that brought down other societies and that we do not need to rely on things like marriage, family and faith to hold us together, such is our unique place in the history of the human race. Unique because we have iPhones and pornography and hashtags. Completely superior to the dark age civilisations which gave us Aristotle, Aquinas and Augustine because we have Ricky Gervais, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry.

It is hard to see what could make people realise how much danger the world is in. The politicians who are given the task of defending Europe are merely concerned with keeping markets and economies operational, ideals and romantic notions of fighting for a cause are not only completely foreign to them but in many cases offensive. Self loathing anti-nationalist anti-Christian impulses give European leaders their impetuses, it is modernism, secularism and globalism colliding to create a horrid vacuum where John Lennon's Imagine, quotes by Nelson Mandela and tweets by the Dalai Lama are the closest things that they have to concepts of holiness. They allow their women to be gang raped, as in Sweden and Cologne, they allow their elderly to become sick, ignored then euthanised, as in Belgium and they allow their unborn to be bludgeoned in the womb and outside of it as in the United Kingdom and even in this sick story from Catholic Poland. When men cease to believe in God they believe in anything, when they cease to believe in evil they create a morality that is subservient to their needs. Immigration allows them to avoid working jobs they dislike, immigration allows (as in Merkel's Germany) them to compensate for a low birth rate, which in turn feeds the lies that are homosexuality, contraception and abortion.  

Secularism has simply destroyed Europe. It has poisoned men's minds and destroyed noble institutions to the point where acts like the Brussels attack are inconsequential because as long as it is not I, it is not important. Since the Protestant Reformation, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution we have merely had bloodshed after bloodshed, each one more vicious than before. Perhaps most damaging has been the violence of the peacetime era, the European Union, the United Nation, Amnesty International and one could argue the fruits of Second Vatican Council have conspired to create violence against God and His Church, His Mass and His people. In the womb, in the sanctuary, in the home. 

Reality is that God created us all, we all have a soul, Jesus Christ died for our sins, salvation is through Him and His Church alone. Anything else is from Satan. The time for hoping that our leaders, in the Church and in the EU, who are blind to this will wake up, is over. No amount of deaths will move them, they have built their houses on sand and that sand is fast being washed away. They cannot entertain the thought that ISIS may kill them or their families, that the devil might have dominion over their soul in hell for all eternity or even, at the most worldly level, that those little children being crucified and those women being raped are human beings just like them who were let down by our suicidal immigrantphilia and our denial of the realities of war.

  Like the Blessed Mother we look on and watch, with sorrow, but with assurance, that our once beloved Europe may be dying, but Our Lord's Church and Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end. 

Just don't expect that thought to be entertained by those who hashtag about the next inevitable terror attack, brought to you by the secularist created Muslim ghettos of Europe's formerly beautiful cities. 

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