Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A quick sociological and spiritual lesson on human nature and the innateness of gender.

From in December 2012

NUI Maynooth today opens their new library, and as I walked around it this morning I noticed an Inter-Gender bathroom (above).

This is not a unisex/single sex bathroom, [there are the usual male, female and   wheelchair bathrooms in the library too].

The Inter-Gender bathroom provides for transgendered, transexual, queer or questioning people who may not identify as strictly male or female.

It represents a great acceptance especially in a university still associated with the seminary and I think it may be one of the first ones in an Irish University.

From Sunday World in April 2014.

A shocked NUI Maynooth student found a pervert's hidden camera in a campus toilet.
The little USB camera was concealed in a toilet roll which was stuck behind a pipe in the cubicle.

The Star reports today that the camera was installed in a unisex bathroom and was discovered by a student who watched the footage before handing the USB recorder over to security.

“It had recorded me going to the toilet because it was pointed at my waist” he said.

The creepy pervert who planted the spy camera managed to accidentally record himself when he was installing the device in the bathroom.

Gardai and NUI Maynooth began the investigation when the camera was discovered in a toilet roll in February.

The student who discovered the device told The Star: “It’s just disgusting

“I couldn’t believe it when I realised what it was.

“The toilet roll was stuck in behind a pipe in the cubicle and the lens was looking out through a hole in the side of it.

“It was a unisex toilet so it would have recorded both men and women going to the toilet.

“I saw the toilet roll and then when I looked closer and put my finger in I discovered the USB.

“It had been recording me going to the toilet because it was pointed directly at my waist.”

When the student plugged the USB into his computer he found the witless pervert who planted the camera had inadvertently recorded his own face.

“It had recorded him as he placed it in the toilet.

“I passed it onto security and the Gardai contacted me last Saturday to say he was going to be appearing in court.”

Gardai confirmed that they had received a formal complaint regarding the incident.

I rest my case.

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