Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pope Francis REALLY likes embracing homosexuals

The Pope gets physical with a hug from homosexual Yayo Grassi, the apparent toyboy of Iwan Bagus

That's the Pope there. Hugging a gay fella.

He met Kim Davis, but in secret..and he regretted it when the ladyboys who work in the Vatican were upset about said meeting. But, there's a big upside for fans of the Pope, as video has since emerged of him fawning over a homosexual couple while he kisses them on the cheek as they embrace arms firmly grasped on each other's shoulders , as the older man in the relationship appears to kiss the Pontiff on the neck.

This is less about a Pope who is open to being kind to homosexuals, as all Catholics are bound to be kind to everyone, but more so about one who may very well have been placed in the position that he is in because he is not only in thrall to the lusting homosexuals dressed up in Cardinal attire, like Mary McAleese's hero, the sex offender Keith O'Brien, but in fact surely the evidence at this stage points towards a Jorge Bergoglio who may very well have been a member of said lobby.

Kasper believes in the concept of Original Homosexuality, which cannot be overcome. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has said to oppose homosexuality is to be 'Godphobic'. And now, our very own Pope is holding hands and kissing every homosexual that he can get his hands on while 'regretting' even meeting a woman in secret who was imprisoned for opposing this sin which cries out to the heavens for vengeance.

Even today, a priest who was a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announced his rejection of Church teaching in favour of the ways of the world. It's hard to feel that he was alone amongst those in Rome who are deeply entrenched in this cult of the body that is the LGBT movement.

Krzystof Charamsa
The one thing that I can say about this prelate, Krzystof Charamsa is that at least he put his money where his mouth is (no pun intended) rather than most of the Irish prelates who supported state sanctioned same-sex 'marriage' without acknowledging what most of us already know, that the half of them are sleeping around with other men.

This Synod should be good fun...

Or the destruction of our civilisation.

 I don't think there'll be any in between.

Holding hands with gay rights activist Luigi Ciotti

Kissing the hand of gay rights activist Agedo Foggia

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  1. ¡Ay, que terrible! ¿En qué manos hemos caído? Hemos llegado a las profundidades, a lo más bajo. Dios tenga piedad de nosotros!