Saturday, October 3, 2015

How violent will America's anti-Christian problem become?

The world is turning more and more against God.

Two stories from this week only further illustrated this slide towards demonic antipathy towards God Almighty, particularly in United States of America.

- The round condemnation of Pope Francis for meeting Kim Davis, the woman imprisoned for refusing to sign off forms on a state sanctioned homosexual version of 'marriage'.

- The mass killing of Christians by an insane atheist in Oregon.

In neither story, was it considered by the media that in both cases there were Christians who were victims of the nastiness of others and of our vulgar secular cultur.

In both cases, priority was only given to the collective sanctimony over possible liberals means of manipulating this issue for ends that would entail great pleasure on their part as they assumed their usual smug position of supposed moral superiority. The Kim Davis issue is self explanatory in terms of acknowledging that liberals simply cannot stand to see someone stand up against their flimsy attachment to their Oedipus Complex regarding Mother State.

The second issue, that of a militant atheist committing a mass murder against Christians, is a particularly important one that deserves closer scrutiny. Firstly, because Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to use the issue to talk his usual nonsense about gun control without addressing why so many of his countrymen live in a country where they feel that it is morally acceptable to take another person's life (be they in the womb or otherwise). However, the underlying issue is the rising tide of Anti-Christian bigotry in that country. Bigotry is the only word for it, because it is generally perpetrated by hashtag warriors, pseudo intellectual middle classes and the otherwise completely devoid of meaning lives of homosexuals and abortion bloodlusters.

The hostility shown to those who oppose the Masonic States of America and its warped notions of what the word 'freedom' entails, is a laughable exercise in trying to find meaning in a society which has completely lost any. Referring to themselves as any manner of comically self-grandiose titles such as 'The Civil Rights Movement of Our Generation' or throwing people in jail for opposing their state sanctioned definitions of 'marriage' while comparing to supporters of the same kind of marriage that has existed for 2,000 years to being akin to those who opposed mixed race marriages, the sodomylivesmatters movement is really nothing more than an elaborate means for the selfie obsessed narcissists of this generation to feel as though they are good human beings.

Their reaction to these murders proves that they are the opposite, this generation are wicked and evil.

Bryce Williams shot dead two people on live television because he was a practising homosexual who hated straight people. Was this reported? Were the stashes of man on man pornography, rainbow flags and his past as a male prostitute reported? No! Guns were. When Dylan Roof murdered Christians in a Church what was the reaction? Ban the confederate flag! When atheist Chris Harper Mercer asked people in an Oregon College what their religion was and shot those who said they were Christians, was there a suggestion that we ban Dawkins and Nietzsche like happened with the confederate flag? I'm worse for even asking.

Unfortunately for this young man, he felt many a need to feel down

Americans who call themselves Christians, brace yourselves for what is ahead. Because it will not be pretty and it will not be merciful. Those that refused to be moved by the selling of dead baby's body parts by Planned Parenthood or by any of these issues are not rational, they are not loving, they are not human.

The aftermath of the mass killing of Christians in Charleston

They are demonic.

There are times where rational discussion fails and only prayer saves us.

Barack Obama declared this week that 'prayers are not enough' in reaction to this mass murderer. The problem is, prayers are the only thing that are enough. Psychobabble, sociology and hashtags are not counters to a sickness in men's souls. For atheists and homosexuals and the like, a Christian is a Ned Flanders or George Bush type simpleton who fails to comprehend the importance of science, of respect for others and of truth itself. These people need reminding that the Catholic Church gave us our greatest philosophers, scientists like Gregor Mendel and Georges Lemaitre, gives more to charity each year than any others, built our universities and schools, produced and inspired artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, trained the great writers from Shakespeare to Chesterton to Joyce.

What atheists think Catholic civilisation looks like  

Every atheist can tell you how they shed tears over Ahmed and his clock that looked like a bomb, but not a single atheist could allow themselves the political loss of feeling moved by the murder of Christians the world over. Instead, they focus on the smugness of their pop culture idols masquerading as philosophers.

What Catholic civilisation really looks like
You'll have to excuse me if I'm unimpressed by the intellectual gravitas of men like Ricky Gervais, Richard Dawkins and Hozier. Or the mass murder of people like Margaret Sanger and Cecile Richards. But maybe that's just me.

Anything to say about doing the same to a child just torn from the womb Ricky?

As the faith has died in America, so has the nation itself. And now it is trying to export that poison through the devil's tabernacles of phone and computer. To this, the rest of the world should say, as the Christians massacred, persecuted and marginalised say to the Chris Harper Mercer's of the world,
non serviam.

Below are the 5 steps to persecution, take what you will from them regarding what is happening in the USA now.

(1) Stereotyping the targeted group
(2) Vilifying the targeted group for alleged crimes or misconduct
(3) Marginalizing the targeted group’s role in society
(4) Criminalizing the targeted group or its works
(5) Persecuting the targeted group outright.

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