Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cardinal Burke releases video warning against false teaching 'From whatever source it comes'

In the latest twist during the public relations disaster that has been flowing out from Rome during the Synod on everything except for the family, Cardinal Raymond Burke has released a video where he quite openly condemns the many flirtations with heresy that have been bandied about.

The Cardinal was, of course, not invited to the Synod due to his views being deemed too upsetting for the sensitive souls who make up much of the modern(ist) Church. He instead has used this interview to express his concern, the reasonable one shared by many across the world, that this Synod could be an abysmal precursor to another half century of disaster within the Catholic Church.

Most worryingly, the Cardinal has had to address the bizarre concept that the Universal Church could be protestantised into local morals, allowing for any category of popular colloquial sins to be approved by bishops and clergy. His reference to oppose falsity and viciousness against God from 'whatever source it comes' is a worrying reminder of Pope Francis's hand in all of this.

God helps us.

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