Thursday, September 24, 2015

The 'migrant crisis' is not taking place

There are two types of individuals who have suddenly become experts on what is best for refugees and are now using it as a stick to beat others with.

One of those categories is those Westerners who knew about the conflict in Syria these past 4 years and did not muster up the interest to care until it became a convenient fashion statement to do so. Sharing a status on Facebook acting as a miserable substitute for genuine sacrifice and love.

 The other category are a more respectable sort, those who didn't know about it until recently and are honestly just concerned for the welfare of their fellow humans as they watch the footage of desperate and vulnerable people try to make it away from the war torn wastelands from whence they came.

Which means, most Westerners (or whatever the collective name for what was formerly the 'Free World' could be these days...) are either completely oblivious to the suffering of others until it suits their political persuasions or else they are completely out of the loop with the world in which they share with these people who are suffering a plight that moves them so.

In either case, the common trend in many parts of Europe has been to focus less on the origin of these refugees and more on paranoid generalisations about as yet unidentified and imaginary 'racists' and making childish pronouncements like 'the homeless can take care of themselves'. This is a moral high ground that people who so scarcely took an interest in the genocide of Christians and others use in order to deflect criticism of their misguided self-indulgent false charity.

One of the many gruesome photos of Christians being crucified that was ignored by the Western media

This 'migrant crisis' is a small (yes, small) but nonetheless still humanly significant aspect of a war that has already seen 250,000 deaths, 4 million refugees, countless crucifixions and rapes en masse. It is not, as many self-absorbed politically and spiritually warped liberals would believe, an isolated instance of uncontrollable migration. This war has been funded by Obama, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia on one side and Putin and Assad on the other. The proxy conflict and its ensuing instances of brutal violence, has been ignored in the West in the same fashion that the Planned Parenthood scandal was ignored. Because it was not beneficial to them! Because Christians (even children) being crucified is not necessarily a bad thing. 

When Jean Baudrillard coined the idea that the Gulf War was less a war and more of an American military exercise in projecting the idea of an important conflict where there was none, he was roundly mocked. But, in a strange sense, the French philosopher did touch on something in the modern psyche regarding events relating to global politics. There is no longer a desire (let alone an ability) to piece together events from their inception to their eventual catastrophic ends. No wish to see that Obama brought disaster to Libya and Egypt. No effort to understand how contraception and abortion gave Germany the lowest birth rate in the world, to the extent that Merkel's 'humanitarian' approach is really an effort to ensure future employees in her country.

Seeking to turn Europe into a wasteland of infertile irreligious indigenous Europeans and fertile religious non-natives is not humanitarianism, it is insanity.
 It is a corruption of the free movement ideals on which the super state of Europe was founded and it is the type of modernist fatalist utopianism that required such an entity to exist in the first place.

The addiction to outrage and politically correct offense is a mental strategy by Westerners who cannot cope with the reality that our secular post-religious times are no better than the Catholic civilisations which went before us. So proud we are of our technology, of our debased indulgences of mind and body. As we await the Third Secret of Fatima and watch the madness that the world is closing its eyes to in Ukraine, Syria and on the borders of Europe, we remember man's pride these past few decades and remember why he turned so violently against God in the wake of being faced with His truth, in being faced with the terrible spectre of death, in the contrast between sitting at your computer celebrating same-sex marriage on Facebook before watching a few boxsets and hashtagging how much you love refugees.

The pride that led Francis Fukuyuma in 1992 to utter the dogma of the Obama and Pope Francis generation when he said:

"What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government."

In contrast, this is what Lech Walesa, the Pole who helped bring down Communism had to say about the current migrant crisis.

It’s a problem. If Europe opens its gates, soon millions will come through and while living among us will start exercising their own customs, including beheading.”

Whatever is happening now, it is certainly a crisis. But it is not about how great our countries are to live in, it is about how awful their countries are to live in. And how awful ours will be soon.

What is happening to those people trying to cross to Europe in boats is very real, however, our perception of it is not. Nor has it been for the past 4 years. God only knows what more mistakes we will make in the months and years to come regarding the Middle East. That photograph of the little boy on the beach is a horrific metaphor for the horror that Europe has ignored finally arriving at its shores. However, the scramble to bandage this wound rather than stitch, has shown we are no closer to being of any meaningful use to these people, or ourselves.

The Real Crisis

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