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Planned Parenthood, the Crime of the Century and St. Therese of Lisieux

He suddenly became deathly pale. 'Pull yourself together Pranzini!,' said M. Bauquesne. 'Your crime is too serious for the President of the Republic to grant you a pardon. Die like a man and thus make amends for your crime!' 'I'm innocent!' he shouted. Trembling, he put on his clothes, babbling inchorently. He then asked for some cold water to wash his face and hands. M. Faure, the chaplain, then spent a few moments alone with him. Pranzini said to him, 'I shall be as innocent as you are, for I die an innocent man'. He was then taking to the registrar's office, where his executioner was waiting for him to be handed over to him. At two minutes to five, while the birds were singing in the trees of the square, a confused murmur swept through the crowd, the command, ' Draw your sabres!' rang out, the clatter of metal was heard, blades flashed, the door of the prison swung open and there on the threshold , pale as death, stood the murderer. 

The chaplain took position in front of him to spare him from seeing the fatal engine. The ececutioner's assistants held him to right and left. He pushed the priest and assistants aside. Once at the guillotine, the executioner gave him a push, throwing him forward. Once of the assistants standing on the other side of the guillotine grabbed his head, positioned it under the lunette and held it steady by the hair.

But before all this could happen, a glimmer of repentance may perhaps have crossed his conscience. He asked the chaplain for his crucifix. He kissed it twice. And, the blade having fallen and one of the assistants having seized the severed head by its ear, we may wonder whether, human justice having been satisfied, this last kiss may have satisfied divine justice too, whose primary requirement is repentance.

- La Croix, September 1st, 1887

France was a bleak place to be a Catholic for many of the subsequent decades after the French Revolution. The monarchy was dissolved, or destroyed, to be more exact, in a physically and ideologically violent manner with which the modern world could use as a focal point for later generations of revolution, Russia being one manifestation. Not only was the political order undone in an instant, the Catholic Church, which had once been gloriously represented in French society, found itself the target of the most virulent strains of secularism, from mass killings of priests and nuns to the seizure of churches, even persecution of those such as took place in the Vendee. This eased during the course of the 19th century for a small period, before accelerating with the advent of the Third French Republic from 1871 and then continuing it past the end of the century.

In the midst of all of this, as with many things in life, there emerged beauties unparalleled through all the ugliness. Gentle saints from all of the meanness. One was Saint Bernadette, to whom the Virgin Mary appeared and in time gave the world the great pilgrimage site of Lourdes. The other was Saint Therese of Lisieux, the humble figure who Pope Saint Pius X referred to as 'the greatest saint of modern times'. She died aged 24, a Carmelite nun who had lived a quiet life, seemingly without incident of event. After her death however, and with the help of her memoir Story of a Soul, a devotion to Saint Therese spread throughout the Catholic world.

But what made her a great saint? The above extract was the moment that she decided that she believed totally, completely, in the value of prayer to Our Lord in the fashion that she was later to epitomise. Not in grandiosity or bombast, but little humble acts of kindness and prayer. Why? Because 14 year old Therese Martin had prayed for the soul of Henri Pranzini, a man who had committed a repulsive murder and had refused to repent, as the public called for his head (literally). And, against all hope that seemed available, this debased killer made the small but significant act of kissing a crucifix just moments before he died. Such was the unlikely nature of this repentance, that Therese made up her mind that she had a vocation for such horrid souls as this.

This week, our crime of the century, was revealed in the sale of undercover videos exposing the sale of murdered children (some of whom were actually delivered before being murdered) by Planned Parenthood.

With the murders by Planned Parenthood, numbering about 7 million or so now, and becoming more abhorrent in their detail each day, we need to ask, as our brother's keepers whether or not there is a possibility of salvation for those wretched souls involved in this crime against humanity. To recall the murder above, Saint Therese was a fourteen year old girl at the time of their committal. She was as aghast as everyone else was at such a heinous act, yet her reaction was uncompromising. Unlike others who focused on the punishment, Saint Therese was distressed at the fact that here was a human, who seemed little concerned with the fact that he seemed destined for eternal damnation.

She gave herself entirely prayer so that this man would give himself even somewhat to repentance.

We can fairly criticise Planned Parenthood, voice our disgust with their social media platforms, even support the efforts to defund them. All are justified and necessary. But as certain as we are that it is our responsibility to force circumstances to a conclusion that would be just and pleasing in the eyes of Our Lord, we need remember that events are ultimately in His hands and not ours. We are not helpless, but it is crucial to remember that in all scenarios it is His will that is done, not ours.

We should pray for the victims of these heinous crimes. Pray for the perpetrators, both the mother and abortionist. Pray for the organ traffickers. Pray for the casual liberal who has had their mind so scrambled by the demonic disorientation of liberalism, that is the state of being liberated from God, that they can hold the contrary positions of supposing to believe in human rights whilst denying the first right which is to exist in the first place, and tell themselves that this is somehow consistent.

I have no doubt that it is the various efforts to say masses outside of abortion clinics and Rosary crusades against the greatest collective crime in history, which has brought us this blessing of a successful undercover investigation. Planned Parenthood are the forefront of the worldwide efforts against abortion, since they are the focus and source of much US imperialism in the form of exporting contraception and abortion to developing countries to compensate for America's incapability to stimulate a genuinely productive economy for fear that it would upset their political influences within those regions. Handing out aid, making developing economies and their people dependent, on the circumstance that they must also accepts abortion, state sanctioned same-sex 'marriage' and contraception is their means of control in these scenarios.

Planned Parenthood's founder had a habit of hanging out with anti-Catholic and anti-black types

But what about other countries?

 To take just one example, in the United Kingdom, 9 out of 10 Down's Syndrome children are murdered in the womb each year. Although they haven't achieved the eugenicist success of KKK admirer Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood, abortionists still achieve a rate of 10% of their abortions being black children. Almost 40% of abortions are by repeat offenders. The notion that we should 'trust' women, or that the decision, so violent, so final, should be left between 'women and their doctors', is as offensive as suggesting as saying that a depressed person's decision to commit suicide or not, should be between them and their razor blade.

The problems regarding abortion in each country are so horrific, so vicious and so numerous the world over that we cannot defeat them all without God's help. Such undercover videos have been a blessing, simply because they tell the truth - while the Marxists, cultural materialist feminists and liberals (and even some 'Christians') exclaim that there was something untoward about the investigation. On those tapes, is nothing but the truth. And the truth shall set us free.

Hopefully this video will have something of the effect that the sight of the Priest in his cassock had upon that depraved murderer in anti-Catholic France during the childhood of a meek and sensitive French girl, her prayer's desire coming true serving to turn her into 'greatest saint of modern times'. For it was the sight of something holy, a glimpse of the next life that moved that criminal to repent, to reject his crimes in this life in the hope that he may attain some sort of mercy in the next. We cannot know if the simple act of kissing a crucifix was enough to satisfy Our Lord, but we can always be aware that such a small act of penance convinced Therese of the power of prayer.

Whether it is a deathbed conversion by the mass murdering pro-choice hero Kermit Gosnell, or the defunding of Planned Parenthood, or even just a regular person we know deciding not to have an abortion, but deciding to raise their child by themselves or give it up for adoption, we need to commit our prayers to any and all triumphs.

The Latin Mass being said outside of an abortion building in Denver, Colorado
Our world is nor more or less bleak than that in which St. Therese grew up, our hope should therefore be no less optimistic than hers was, and our prayer no less tireless.

Nearly a hundred years had passed between the guillotining of Pranzini and the last person to receive that method of execution in France. That individual's name was Roger Bontems, he had not killed somebody, but had been an accomplice in the brutal murder of two nuns who had had their throats slit after being held hostage. Inside his cell, he kept a small photograph a young girl. Her name was Therese Martin, and even though this man had not committed a murder with his own two hands, he recognised his guilt.

We should do our best and remain active, from established abortion zones like the United States and the United Kingdom, to those currently threatened, like Ireland and Malta. It is no sign of despair to say, in humility, that God's will shall be done. It is likewise not too hopeful to say, that with prayer and sacrifice, justice will prevail. Even if it is in the small act of kissing a crucifix on behalf of one of millions of accomplices to abortion each year.

St. Therese of Lisieux,
We pray with you to ask God to stop the sorrow of abortion,
to bring comfort to the children who never saw the light of day,
to bring regret to all those who have not yet seen their errors,
and to give those sinners a desire for your love and mercy.


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St. Therese of Lisieux  - the greatest saint of modern times

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