Saturday, July 18, 2015

Over 200,000 leave German Church in 1 year

Cardinals Reinhard Marx and Walter Kasper are names that serve as a litmus test for gauging a person's opinion on all matters related to Catholicism.

If you despise them, chances are that you see their wishy washy liberalism as not only a betrayal of Christ Himself but also as a continually disorientating evil influence inside of the Catholic Church, spreading Protestant beliefs under the guise of manipulative terms like 'mercy'.

If you like them, chances are you are not Catholic or else couldn't care less about the hundreds of millions who left Catholicism since the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s or the influential role that these two men have played in a significant number of those who have chosen apostasy.

Figures released this week confirmed what we have known for the last number of years, that the Catholic Church in Germany is in danger not only from the soul destroying liberalism of its clergy but most of all from its corrupt Church Tax, charging members 10% of their income to receive the sacraments that Our Lord suffered on the Cross to give us.

There is a direct correlation between Liberal Catholicism and expecting people to pay for the sacraments, they see the Church as a service and means towards their own ends rather than seeing themselves as servants of the faith that they submitted themselves to at ordination. In any country, a liberal priest is one who sees the role of priest purely as an occupation with obligations to be fulfilled and profits to be maximised, with wild fantasies about 'going to the margins' a byword for markets they have not yet tested for possible customers rather than souls to be saved. Liberal Catholicism is about the priest cracking jokes, singing songs, telling stories... the better his act on the 'stage' once called an 'altar', the better he can expect his payday to be. And what better act is there than telling people that there is virtually no such thing as sin and that all acts of misdeed can be waved away under the banner of 'mercy'?

They want divorced people to receive Communion, they want gay couples to receive Communion, they want anyone with a big wallet and a longing for assurances that Christ accepts their sinful lives as being on a par with those of faithful Catholics to receive Communion. That is also why Kasper has made racist remarks on several occasions despite his reputation for unfettered ecumenism, he couldn't give a hoot about immigrants, they've no money! The high rolling clerics of the Protestants, Jews, Muslims and Hindus can wine and dine him and tell him how enlightened he is for entertaining their heretical faiths however, so he makes his peace with them.

Cardinal Marx's words on the mass apostasy were no great surprise.

'The today released statistics show that church is multiform and a missionary force has, even if we make painfully aware of the high number of leaving the church, that we do not reach people with our message behind the number. of leaving the church are personal life decisions that we in each case profoundly regret but also respect the freedom of choice. We will strive to continue our mission credibly to meet so that we can proclaim the joy of the Gospel and many people in the community of find church home or find. The faith joy and momentum of Pope Francis have us a great help. We want to be on the move with him in Germany a church ', the active to the people and for God's sake in the Company brings and gives testimony of the great message of the Gospel'

Basically, the people leaving weren't paying us any money anyways so good riddance. This ladies and gentleman, is how 217,716 souls were lost in 365 days. Add to that 178,805 from the previous 365 days and you have nearly half a million in 2 years who have officially left the Catholic Church in Germany.

The same Kasper who responded to the destruction of marriage in Ireland with legalisation of state sanctioned same-sex 'marriage' with “We have to find a new language We have to overcome discrimination, which has a long tradition in our culture,'' is now part of a Church that shrugs its shoulders as the faith disappears around them.

When their fellow German, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger warned that the Church would have to become small to grow strong again, who would've thought that priests, bishops and cardinals would be so happy to play a part in watching the numbers dwindle? At this rate, it will only take a century to completely wipe out the faith in Germany.The people have rejected liberal Catholicism, it doesn't work as a galvanising force for evangelisation for one simple reason, it is untrue.

In recent interviews, both Marx and Kasper have threatened to bring state sponsored same-sex 'marriage', assisted suicide and communion for divorced and remarried to the Synod in October. Being a pastoral loser looks set to go global.

"My hope is that then this results in a further discussion." The Synod must find a text that "would lead to further progress" in the discussion and also find a common position on fundamental issues. As far as teaching is concerned, one remains in communion with the Church, in individual issues of pastoral care, "the Synod cannot prescribe in detail of what we have to do in Germany". Therefore, the bishops wanted to publish their own pastoral letter on marriage and family after the Synod. The office of the bishops is not to wait for permits. "We are not just a subsidiary of Rome. Each Episcopal Conference is responsible for the pastoral care in their culture, and has to proclaim the Gospel as their very own office. We cannot wait until a synod state something, as we have here to undertake in this place marriage and family ministry. " 

- Cardinal Marx, February 25 2015

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