Wednesday, April 1, 2015

German Church vs. Luca Toni

If there's one thing that Cardinal Walter Kasper knows about, it is mercy.

The man oozes mercy from his very pores. He swims in a swimming pool made of millions of kind acts that we can attribute to this colossus of mercy.Wait, my bad, I meant money.

The pantomime villain of the 2014 Synod is seen by Liberal Catholics (i.e. those liberated from their Catholicism) as being to adulterers, divorcees and homosexuals what Mother Theresa was to the homeless and hungry. Only, unlike Mother Theresa, Kasper's main reason for wanting to 'help' people is to line his already quite wealthy pockets with more money.

Less rules, more adherents. More adherents, more people having to pay his corrupt Church tax. More people paying his corrupt Church tax, more money to spend on himself.

One such victim of the merciful Kasper, the hero of Liberal Catholics (i.e. those liberated from their Catholicism) is none other than 2006 World Cup winner and current Verona player Luca Toni. Toni owes it from his time spent playing with Bayern Munich over a 3 year period (2007-10).

Now, to any reasonable person, being a member of a faith should be without some draconian demands for compulsory financial contributions. Not for Kasper et al, who share a common bond with many post-Vatican II members of the clergy in seeing the role of being a Priest of Christ's Church as akin to being a postman or a shoe repair man. There are bills to be paid, cars to be bought, conditions to be demanded and (if you're a German Bishop) cigars and mansions to be purchased.

Luca Toni was registered initially by his accountant as 'atheist' on his tax returns, before it was changed to Catholic. A staggering €1.7m is owed to Kasper and his henchmen, a good chunk of it being interest (usury4life4sho'). A tribunal has set a date of July 15 for Toni's further negotiation of the matter after a suggestion that the club, his agent and the player himself split the bill.

Let's get one thing clear about the truth of Liberal Catholicism and post Synod smugness on the part of Kasper's fans. This man is a main player in a German Church that is a failure, they specialise, as most clergy of the past 50 years have, in being losers and driving people away from the Church. In the past 20 years in Germany, Church attendance has fallen from 22% to 13%. This is not unrelated to Kasper's brand of Do whatever the hell you like, so long as you give me money I'll make excuses for you theology. This theology has led to the German Church making serious money from investments in things like, oh I don't know, harmless stuff like, pornography. And this all from the cesspool of the hero of those who insult Cardinal Raymond Burke for his supposed love of pomp and comfort?

Kasper being all humble and merciful and stuff

I personally hope Luca Toni tells Kasper and the rest of the German Church where to stick their bloodthirsty demands for his money.

Though, if he waits it out, the German Church itself might be so wrapped up in its formal schism from the Church if it does not have its demands met at Synod 2015.

Either way, it's high time that the likes of Kasper, the rest of the German Bishops and the rest of the Church started to take a good hard luck at the type of charlatans who are using Our Lord's good name for their own monetary and egoistic benefit.

If Luca Toni does hand over the money eventually (which will likely happen), what a fitting way to preempt the snidely titled 'Year of Mercy'. Just remember Cardinal, and the rest of the octogenarian post-Vatican II autocrats, in case you were tempted to feel victory in that scenario...

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. 

Below is a short documentary on the life of Blessed Cardinal Kasper, produced with spare change he had lying around and collaboratively written in his honour by the staff at the National Catholic Reporter. 

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