Friday, April 24, 2015

Fascists tear down pro-Marriage posters in Dublin [VIDEO]

The mood in Ireland this past fortnight has been pure toxic.

Anyone with the misfortune to have a Facebook or Twitter page will have been subjected to a barrage of outraged people who have never at any point in their lives displayed an interest in either Voting or Marriage claiming their outrage at the existence of anyone who disagrees with trickle down morality.
As if making up fake opponents to declare war against was not enough, Yes proponents are now tearing down posters that argue against them.

Of course, given that this is the electorate who put Fianna Fail in power 3 times and passes any referendum once it is put to it enough times, their intelligence and conviction can rarely be relied upon. The Facebook statuses have rarely varied from any of the below. In fact, I've seen multiple people post the exact same statuses seemingly convincing themselves that they were original thoughts. Examples of which are below.

The 'Yes' supporters have made good on their promises of Fascist attacks on their opponents by tearing down posters in Dublin this week. In a video recorded by Irish Times writer Conor Pope, a balaclava wearing man and a woman with a pretentious pseudo American accent (complete with surfer duuude 'fuck this shit') tear down posters with a mealy mouthed rambling about 'homophobia'. Once abolish the God and the government becomes God. And these men and women are becoming devout disciples of corrupt secularists like Fianna Fail, Labour, Fine Gael and Sinn Fein. To be pious at the altar of relativist statism is to be enthralled by the nihilism of a totalitarian dystopia, where history counts for nothing and novelty pays sentimental dividends. 

Here is the video. Get used to it. This is the new Ireland. 

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