Thursday, April 2, 2015

147 Christian students murdered by Islamists in Kenya

Islamists have gone on another sick rampage, murdering 147 college students in Garissa University College in Kenya.

Nearly 600 students escaped, with about 79 of them injured. You had better believe that these debased devils would have murdered all 600 if they had been given the opportunity. The al-Shabab militants have been confusing their bloodthirst and lust as religious idealism since their formation in 2006, since then they have committed large and small scale attacks with some frequency and effect.

One of their half-wit spokesmen bragged We've killed many people; Kenyans will be shocked when the go inside.

The details of this story are particularly gruesome. Young people getting an education, bettering themselves. Christians targeted by barbarians who wanted them dead and shot, decapitated and blew up as many as they could.

They separated the Muslims from the Christians and then went to work. No doubt, many 'European' Muslims are lining up to join the likes of al-Shabab, Boko Haram and ISIS with each passing report of such barbarity. The saddest part is, nobody seems interested in stopping them. Our society is like a hopelessly inadequate and unrealistic parent who stands by as their child walks out the door instead of demanding that they obey them.
Students fleeing the University today

The more that terrorism is appeased. The more that atheism and secular, vacuous ideologies take root, the more that these dogs will feel that they have the upper hand.

Can we afford to be silent when our fellow Christians are being destroyed in this fashion?

Radical Islam is a stupid but apparently effective means of convincing young men that they are hallowed holders of some eternal and pious truths, when in reality, it is merely dizzying their sense by distorting their true desires and masking lust, hatred and insecurity as sanctity.

We cannot afford to be silent on this matter. The fact that most who sign up for ISIS happen to come from wealthy families is evidence enough that there is no financial imperative for these groups. Since our governments will not fight them militarily (anyone know if the students had oil?), the challenge to us is to bear witness to our faith and deny them ideological victory, even if liberals seem intent on granting it to them.

Some day, the history of this awful period in human history will be written. From the long perspective of time, the Nazis and Islamists will be spoken of in the same breath. Just as the Jews in the Holocaust will be spoken of in the same breath as the Armenians of 1915 and the Christians the world over under the brutality of al-Shabab et al.

 And the liberals? Neville Chamberlain, Srebrenica, Barack Obama. Modern secularism will be recalled for the outrage it mustered against people who wouldn't bake cakes for prissy prima donnas at imaginary weddings while blood spilled across Africa and the Middle East.

On this Good Friday, we remember that there is no glory without sacrifice. And no sacrifice, without the glory of Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of Our Lord.

To Muslims, you just have to this what your religion is about? If you think not, then what are you doing or saying about it? What compulsion is there on you to rectify this? To atone for this?

To Christians, we should pray for these innocent souls. And even, hopeless as it may seem, for the terrorists too.

Martyrs of Nagasaki, pray for all Christians persecuted throughout the world.

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