Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who's afraid of Cardinal Burke?

That's Cardinal Burke with the flames there, sending another adulterer/gay to hell *actual photograph*

I remember distinctly the first time that I heard a recording of Cardinal Raymond Burke's voice.

This man, who puts the worst kind of fear into liberal Catholics, has shown up on many of my non-Catholic friends' Facebook accounts as an example of a Nazi like terrier who is out to murder homosexuals and lukewarm Catholics. Or at least he was, until Pope Francis, in his divinely inspired (I assume?) charity decided to clampdown (presumably in a fist fight?) on this dictatorial throwback to pre-Vatican II authoritarianism.

And when I first heard his voice? It was soft-spoken, meek even. And yet the media persists in making out that there is a professional wrestling heel body slamming homosexuals and adulterers as they go up to the altar (or whatever they go up to in some parishes) to receive communion.

As far fetched as that distortion is, the most offensive aspect about this story is the fact that it is fuelled by those whom we refer to as 'Liberal Catholics'. What exactly makes them 'Liberal'? What are they liberated from in particular? Well, being Catholic! And that, believe it or not, predominantly includes their rejection of a true form of the 'mercy' that they have turned into a vocab-erotic fetish in the era of Cardinal Walter Kasper.

One such attack against Cardinal Burke by a supposedly fellow Catholic came from the notorious National Catholic Reporter this past week. Although reading it can be an occasion of sin for compelling a faithful Catholic to go full scale fashioning a whip for the money lenders in the temple at these unhinged intellects, it is worth reading from time to time to see just how far some souls are from Christ. Cardinal Burke had stated this week (correctly) that Mortal Sin is Mortal Sin and that it kills the grace of God in our soul. To receive the Body of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in a state of mortal sin is a very grave sin. Therefore, withholding communion in such a scenario is a merciful act. To offer communion in said situation is a careless and thoughtless, even destructive act. Both to Our Lord and the soul of the one receiving.

Amid this metaphysical tragi-comedy, Michael Sean Winters decided to take Cardinal Burke's words and turn them into a headline that was very deliberately intended to slander his name and reject the possibility that the real presence has importance, if it even exists at all. He starts of his hit piece by casting Burke as a boogey man Neo-Nazi figure, a rabble rouser and possible inciter of violence and disorder.

His Eminence will start making the rounds, coming to a diocese near you, and delivering himself of similar foolishness. Which raises the question: Is there a protocol for a diocesan ordinary to refuse permission to a cardinal to give a public address within his diocese? Otherwise, not to be too legalistic, someone listening to Cardinal Burke might be scandalized!

Basing your arguments on slander is always going to leave you feeling insecure, hence why Winters feels like banning Burke instead of out arguing him. For when he does try to out argue him later in the article he comes across like one of those elderly divorcees barely schooled in the faith who murmur vaguely about choice and thoughts. When he quotes Burke's comments regarding confusion surrounding homosexuality, Winters states that Church teaching is not black and white. He then, comically, attempts to say that because night transitions into day, it is perfectly acceptable for Bishops and Cardinals to tip toe around mortal sin which condemns people's souls to hell on issues where Church teaching is unequivocal, To say that the conversation generated by the synod of bishops is confusing is like saying the dawn is confusing. 


Winters then eventually throws his toys out of the pram (if we are to imagine Christ as a toy, and the National Catholic Reporter as a pram that he would allow Himself to be placed in) when he quotes Burke's comments on those living in a publicly adulterous state. He says that Burke, just like adulterers, can be in a state of mortal sin when receiving Communion because the hungrier you are the more you want a sandwich, since, as he says, even Big Bad Burke needs food for the spiritual journey, and that Communion is not a reward for the perfect but medicine for the imperfect, and we are all imperfect. 

The ending of the article sees a man with very little knowledge or understanding of religion that he is supposedly a member of, go to town on Cardinal Burke for imagined insults. Winters is like a man in the shower arguing against an adversary that he will never confront, getting carried away, gloriously, in a meandering monologue against fabricated events.

And, Cardinal Burke comments, “It's like the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people…” No, Your Eminence, it is NOT like that. A person who is gay and tries to find a companion with whom to live life, or a woman whose first marriage failed and she is trying to make a new life, these people are not like a murderer. 

You literally just proved his point? Both have committed a mortal sin, no other acts will atone for this if they are a continuation of that sin?

in +Burke’s twisted view of the world, it is the murderer who can confess her sins and be re-admitted to communion. Just like the cleric who is sexually active all the time, but in casual, non-committed situations, hook-ups: He can go to confession and all is fine, but the gay cleric who avoids that hook-up culture but also has a special friend, he is the one beyond the pale of hope. It is twisted.

That is what Bam Bam Burke wants, loads of straight priests out getting it on. Whatevs.

 I do not see the link between liturgical changes and the “culture of death.”

Nobody expects you too, you don't even know what a mortal sin is.

The bigger problem is not this comment or that, it is the unwillingness to even entertain the possibility that the Holy Spirit is asking the Church to stretch. 

Synod 2K14, the birth of the Elastic Spirit. Now with extra permissiveness.

These offensive comments come from a man who seems to really enjoy wearing as much lace and watered-silk as he can get his hands on, and does not see how that will make people wonder. 

Just out of curiosity Michael, any idea how much Kasper made from tax and porn last year?

The still bigger problem is that cardinals wear red because they are expected to shed their blood for the Holy Father, and Cardinal Burke will not even shed his snark. 

There ya have it folks, Cardinals serve liberal Pope(s), not Christ or the Holy Spirit, liberal Pope(s)!

The dumber these hit pieces get, the more evidence that we see of genuine exasperation on the part of Liberal Catholics as they try to insult rather than out argue anyone who stands up for the past 2,000 years worth of teaching for the faith. They choose emotion (dictated by the times) over reason. They choose novelty over tradition. They choose man over Christ.

Such articles are ridiculous and nonsensical, we should pray that those who write them realise their errors. At the very least, we should pray that those who write such laughable articles realise the nastiness therein. We should also pray for Cardinal Burke, the soft-spoken defender of the truth has unwittingly become an object of hate for adulterers, liberals and homosexuals the world over.

Though if Winters is to be believed, murderers give him a good approval rating, so at least the Cardinal has some fans amongst the morally challenged.

An artist's impression of the National Catholic Reporter's editorials

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