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Fake anti-Gay postcard causes panic in Maynooth

A Maynooth student testifies about their traumatic experience reading the offending postcard on Facebook this morning

Yesterday's news reports about support for the Same-Sex Marriage referendum falling slightly appears to have increased the need on the part of those advocating for a Yes vote to up their rhetoric and slander in order to increase their 75% (!) to 25% lead in the polls. 

Rather than merely dealing with issues at hand or debating with those of a different view on the matter, Same-Sex Marriage advocates have taken to fighting imaginary enemies. This is since their actual enemies on this front are far more polite and good-natured than those that live in their self-pitying heads.  

Maynooth University's Student's Union released an image today of a postcard that was sent to them. This postcard would be hilarious if it were not for the fact that it appears as though the entire student body are close to collective seizure over the contents of a laughable amateur attempt to make a fake postcard (because like, you know, people who oppose equality are so backward that they still use registered post rather than email). 

Some obvious questions which absolutely no one else has asked. 

- Who are the 'No Way Is Ireland Gay Campaign'? Surely a supposed 'campaign' should extend somewhere beyond an obscure and largely irrelevant vote in a Students Union at Ireland's smallest University? 

- The timing. As the SU President stated 
We most likely received this on foot of the fact that Maynooth student representatives are going to vote today on whether or not a Pride Flag should be raised on campus in support of equality. 
Course ya did, sure we've all been losing sleep over it!
As a former student at the college, I am aware that the Student's Union live in their own bubble where the world hinges around their every move, but can ANYBODY who does not go there (and even some who do) state that this was something they had heard about prior to the event? A convenient way to pull a publicity stunt. 

- This type of stunt has been pulled before. Again, in hilariously shoddy fashion. Yet people, by human nature, will belief the biggest nonsense about their enemies if it is politically beneficial to them. 

This blatant fake of a leaflet was uploaded by one Steve Conlon. Ol' Steve really ramped up the hysteria when he uploaded this photo in the very early hours of January 5 2015. After being given what is to this day the only copy of said leaflet in existence, despite being handed out on the streets, he uploaded it and began his tale of intercepting such fascist propaganda by stating I was given it by a person who was clearly emotionally distressed, sibling is gay. As Irish Twitter users descended into an orgy (pun intended) of self-pity, Steve stated with exasperation that he did not know where they came from, as he appealed for reasonable reactions. Nothing, cheap paper. One Man/Woman crusader by the looks of things. Or just a group too cowardly, #KeepCalm After being pressed for its origin and realising that people would remember such a leaflet being handed out at Mass, Steve assured us that it was real, because I'm told Wicklow but wouldn't go into any more - church-going family, but it WAS NOT in or outside church. all i know is Wicklow somewhere no exact details. The person who gave it to me entire family are church-going.
Surely. Surely to God Almighty these figures in the bushes, emerging from the shadows, probably through power given to them by dousing themselves in Holy Water from Knock, would be traceable in the age of electronic instantaneous communication? 
No clue, nor did the person who gave it to me. No name of an organisation, cheap paper. Pure cowardly.

Far be it from me to suggest that Sounds of Sodomy  as a phrase plus the layout suggest somebody who has spent much time studying and perusing propaganda literature could be behind this. And far be it from me to point out Steve's occupation (according to his Twitter Bio) as a Media Lecturer. And even further still to point out that vague phrases such as The Light of Our Lord and Beastly Obsession with Unholy Acts are not specific to any denomination of Christianity. Who prints ONE SINGLE COPY as part of a 'CAMPAIGN'?Last but not least, who hands out a leaflet in a locality, urging people to contact their TDs without giving contact details for any of said members of government? 

In short, no ones knows where this postcard came from, who wrote it, why a supposed campaign extends to one postcard (ha!) conveniently sent on the eve of a vote on campus about raising the Rainbow Flag in the college and the Students' Union adopting a Yes Vote position prior to May's referendum. The person who posted the other, clearly fake leaflet was also one of the first people to post a link this one today, in fact, anonymous, untraceable homophobia seems to be the bane of his life. within minutes of Maynooth posting the photo. 

The simplicity of the arguments and the sinister nature of coincidences surrounding them suggests only one of two things 

1) This is a deliberate fraud, perpetuated by a bunch of college brats looking for headlines. They have willingly duped media stooges like they did before.

2) There have been 2 occasions in 2015 where a single copy of an anonymous and simplistic flier has fallen conveniently into the hands of those who felt that they could most benefit from its proliferation. Untraceable, isolated and shoddy. As one Twitter user, a same-sex Marriage supporter, summed up the last flier The Sounds of Sodomy leaflet says all the things the anti-marriage-equality side wants to but has been media trained not to.

Or rather, it says all the things that the same-sex marriage side wish the pro-traditional marriage side would say so that they could justify their irrational anger towards those who want to uphold a tradition as old as civilisation itself for the purpose of ensuring the safeguarding of society's progression and continuation. 

As for the SU, I only have two things to say. One is an anecdote, incidentally about sodomy. An English lecturer that I had at Maynooth University once brought up the word sodomy in relation to Romantic poetry. He pretended (seriously) that there was someone in the class asking him what sodomy was. To this imaginary innocent student he replied Go over and ask the Priests in St. Pat's, they'll show you.  It is this sort of imaginary persecution that seems to fuel many of those who go along with nonsense like this leaflet. 

The other point is this. Maynooth SU President Ben Finnigan stated today that the leaflet and the campaign it represents needs to be shut down immediately. Show me who these people are? Show me ANY other copy of the postcard? Of the Sound of Sodomy leaflet? I will personally shut them down myself. Ben and others involved in this dirty tricks campaign, the sort that think Ronan Mullen and David Quinn are plotting to ship them off to gulags in Mayo with the rest of the homo-friendlies, are the same type of Labour voters who will be sitting in their 6 or 7 bedroom house in Dun Laoghaire that they inherited from their wealthy parents years from now, smoking cigars and listening to Leonard Cohen. They will recount how equality, either of the supposed sexual kind or the kind related to class, was a handy hobby to give some meaning to their college years. The same way it was to other Union of Students elitists like Eamon Gilmore, Pat Rabbitte and Joe Duffy.

Eamon Gilmore standing up for freedom and stuff

Master Finnegan even openly states that 'We had initially been planning to push an information campaign around the referendum but the distribution of a leaflet like this one has inspired us to go further'. 

Vote for your rainbow flag, hoist it up. No one cares. No one cared before today and making up a fake postcard still will not matter to opponents of same-sex marriage. 

But don't kid yourself into thinking that there is anyone out there who actually believes that Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris endorsed same-sex marriage. Still, if anyone does believe that, the joke is no more on them than it is on some of you people for believing this tripe. 

The Yes campaign's next mode of persuasion

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