Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wishful thinking does not eradicate Islamists

After an animal convert to Islam ran over two Canadian soldiers in a car, you would think that Canadians would come out swinging in the hope of avoiding another attack.

Instead, they played down the possibility of a specific threat whilst stating that their elevated threat level 'means that intelligence has indicated that an individual or group within Canada or abroad has the intent and capability to commit an act of terrorism'. Non committal, lacking emotion and devoid of seriousness.

Canada, on a State level, have taken Islamists seriously, approving recently to bomb ISIS targets in Iraq and neighbouring areas. But talk of trying to avoid scapegoating and generalisation of Muslims is so warped in terms of priorities that it actually puts people's life in danger.

Today, a gunman showed up at the parliament building in Ottawa, seeking to inflict violence on anyone we can assume that they came into contact to, which they did to Canadian police officer. The initial round of shots was fired at the nearby war memorial. As we understand, this individual was shot dead after firing a number of rounds but information is still muddled. As far as is known, this was the individual who was shot dead by police. Potentially two extra shooters are said to be in the vicinity of Ottawa's mall also.

Thirteen years since this de facto third world war began on a clear Tuesday morning in New York, perhaps it is about time that we face up to reality that it is going to run and run unless it is confronted with all available resources. And no, political correctness is not a resource.

There are far too many good men and women, workers who devote their lives to helping people in the form working as police officers, ambulance crew and soldiers for these savages and their ilk to be allowed to get away with this. The world is at war and it is about time we stopped denying it.

A Canadian journalist just stated on Fox News that 'things like this don't happen here'. Welcome to the brave new world.

Our prayers are with the families of those affected.

Footage of shootings inside parliament

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