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SSPX faithful told to get married, divorced or become homosexual

The hypocrisy and meanness emanating from Rome these days is getting out of control. It is seeping into local parishes and Churches, letting the anti-traditionalists and progressives go on a wild binge of outrageous frivolity in matters of doctrine as well as beating their faithful counterparts with any stick lying around.

Bishop Fellay with Pope Benedict XVI, happier times compared to now

While the Society of St. Pius X were celebrating the Feast of Christ the King at Lourdes, the Bishop of Albano, Marcello Semeraro, was busy instructing laity to steer away from the society lest they be excommunicated.

The release from the Italian Bishops Conference read:

In recent weeks, were received by the Diocesan Curia requests for clarification about the 
celebration of the Sacraments at the "Society of St. Pius X," Albano Lazio. 
In this regard, it is considered proper to state that the "Fraternity" is not an institution 
(or parish, or association) of the Catholic Church. 
This is true even after the decree of the Congregation of Bishops, 21 January 2009 
by which the Holy Father Benedict XVI, going kindly to repeated requests by 
the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, which revoked the excommunication from the 30 
June 1988 had incurred four prelates of the same fraternity. 
This was pointed out by Benedict XVI with his Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church's 
March 10, 2009, "the Society has no canonical status in the Church and its ministers - 
even if they were freed of the ecclesiastical penalty - do not legitimately exercise 
any ministry in the Church "(AAS CI [2009], no. 4, p. 272). Benedict XVI himself, in 
next letter m. p. Ecclesiae Unitatem of 2 July 2009 reaffirmed "the remission of 
excommunication was a measure taken in the ecclesiastical discipline to free 
people from the burden of conscience represented by the gravest ecclesiastical censure. But the questions doctrine, of course, remain and until they are clarified, the Society has a statute 
canon in the Church and its ministers can not legitimately exercise any 
ministry "(AAS CI [2009], p. 710-711). 

As a result of the above, we must reiterate what has already been formulated in the Pastoral 
SSPX Bishop Dante Bernini, where we read: 
Catholics can not attend Mass or take or receive the sacraments by or in the fraternity. To do otherwise would break communion with the The Catholic Church. 
Therefore, any Catholic who requests and receives the Sacraments in the Society of St. Pius X in fact will put in the position of not being in communion with the Catholic Church. 
Readmission into the Catholic Church should be preceded by adequate personal journey of 
reconciliation, according to ecclesiastical discipline established by the Bishop. 
Sincerely regret that certain options, especially if they relate Christian Initiation of 
children and young people, are in contrast with the pastoral guidelines of the Italian Church and the 
subsequent choices of the Diocese of Albano, where priority was given training for growth and the maturation of the life of faith.  Parish priests , the task of giving adequate information to the faithful.

- Marcello Semeraro

Clearly, the lack of success for Francis at the Synod has left a few of the anti-traditionalists feeling the necessity for revenge, including the Pope himself.

Adulterers, homosexuals and all manners of deviancies are no barrier to receiving Communion but faithfulness to tradition is? Now, undoubtedly the consecration of Bishops as they occurred is an issue, but it is surely one that should come second to the much lauded pastoral care for which this papacy constantly and repetitively toots its own horn. The Church of Francis has unofficially adopted the modern Catholic world's view of hell in their dealings with who can and cannot partake in reception of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That view consisting mainly of two things. The first, that so long as you are not Hitler you will not go to hell. The second, the pharisees were bad so anyone who takes their religion too seriously must be bad also.

The SSPX will continue to prosper and the various Novus Ordo masses on offer throughout the Catholic world will continue to flounder. With a Pope who encourages us to make a mess, we should all do that and attend SSPX masses if given the chance. In this era of extremities within our Church, that which was present in the basilica at Lourdes this past week is far more preferable to that discrediting Africans, praising deviancy and challenging Our Lord Himself.

The fact that the Bishop seems especially concerned with children being told of the work of the SSPX says everything. They want their Church full of sixty plus Novus Ordo indoctrinates, young liberals and those who will not question erring clergy. The fifteen thousand followers of the SSPX in Italy, who we will assume have a higher mass attendance than their Novus Ordo counterparts, Watch the video below and ask yourself,

Were the whole Church like this, how many souls might be saved?

Video - SSPX at Lourdes 2014

Messe du Christ-Roi en la Basilique Saint-Pie X (26 octobre 2014) from DICI on Vimeo.

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