Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Misogynistic ISIS remind us of how badly some need Christ

Unless you are, perchance, the Blessed Virgin or even Our Lord Himself reading this obscure blog, then I scarcely think that there is a person alive to whom you can look down your nose at as a sinner.
Every living soul is stained with sin.

The good Lord instructed us to judge yourself before you judge others. We are asked the simple question of why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye but not the plank in your own? Such simplicity it is to state that analysing and removing our own faults will enable us to remove those from our brothers and sisters more accurately. But this simplicity is in actuality the highest point of action, of interpersonal relations. This is for the simple reason that the human will is so easily bent towards temptation, to sin and to self-pride.

To consider how profound Christ's message was, look no further than the barbarians of the Middle East. The savages who murdered, rape and pillage Christian families and children with a smug and shallow sense of moral superiority. These men hysterically refer to Allah as 'merciful', whilst bludgeoning all who oppose him in his name . Mercy is not a concept that they have any familiarity with. We have heard of honour killings in the West, but a far more common and ignored phenomenon is that of stoning women. Such a practise should have died with Our Lord's suffering on the cross, the same Lord who had undermined every human impulse for sanctimonious posturing with His acclamation towards Jewish men stoning a woman, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 

Compare her hateful father with that of the Prodigal Son

Clearly this is a phrase that was not pilfered by those who incorporated Biblical passages into the Koran, as Islamic society is often physically hostile to such a woman. In the Syrian city of Hama this week, an ISIS supporter disowned his own daughter who had been accused of adultery. I hope God forgives you, but I won't, is his message as she is placed in a pit to have rocks hurled at her until her body suffers a mortal blow. That mortal blow, which ended her short life, was ultimately helped along by the cowardly father himself, who picked up a large boulder and crushed it upon her brittle frame. As he stood beside his fellow men (if they can be called that), one of them preached with morose optimism we hope that this will be a lesson for other women. I hope so too. I hope that women who see this vulgar sin of self-righteousness for what it is and contrast it with the compassion and justice of Our Lord.

The frightened young woman being stoned by ISIS

Justice does not mean excusing or ignoring sin. Christ told the woman to sin no more just as He had corrected the men armed with stones and then instructed them on a fundamental matter of faith, that of knowing that each person is a sinner and each one is worthy of forgiveness. If we are to be measured by the same standard that we judge others, it is fairly certain that this young girl's father has condemned herself to hell. His horrible crime will no doubt be met mostly with disinterest by the media and society at large in this part of the world. They are animals, they do not know any better. Ah! But should we not forget the words of former Irish President Mary McAleese who recently claimed that the Synod on the Family was of little validity or use based on the fact that the individuals discussing matters had no formal experience in family life or as she put it so eloquently, have they ever changed a nappy? Well, Mary, here is a man who raised a girl from infancy to womanhood and now he has placed her in a shallow grave in the most brutal and inhumane of manners. Should he have been welcomed to the Synod?

We are not judged in life by what we have, we are judged by what we do. Which is exactly why some of the vitriol spewed at the 'conservatives' i.e. Catholics during the Synod was so reprehensible. And we can only do those things which are most pleasing to God if we abandon ourselves to His love and to the love of others.

ISIS and every other misogynist or Jihadi have no concept of love, of others or of God. These men are agents of power and hypocrisy, truth belongs to Christ alone. These men, rapists and murderers, have no right to judge anyone, let alone punish them. Some day they will meet Satan and dwell in eternity with the pain of the absence of God, just as they have lived their lives.

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