Friday, October 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton admires the artist named God

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe certainly ranks (though who would be ranking them) as one of the most astounding out of all the nonetheless incredible appearances of Our Lady throughout the world.

A fabric defying scientific description in its composition. Similarly defying artistic description in its beauty, that given to Juan Diego was the miracle that converted the now sincerely devout Mexican people and which makes it the most visited Marian Shrine each year.

Why? Because God made something outstanding and offered it to his children.

When you believe that God is creator, the One in control, then you let go and submit to his will, bearing goodness as a result.

When confronted with this sight in 2009, the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exclaimed:

'Wow! ....Who painted it?!?'

To which the nearby Monsignor replied :

It is the kind of anecdote that if you read it about a figure from antiquity you would disbelieve its authenticity and put it down to hearsay.

If only Mrs. Clinton and her liberal ilk, including many who go by the name 'Catholic', learned the same thing about human life and stopped associating themselves with war, abortion and unfettered capitalism. Life and all that is in it belongs to God. Something tells me that if Mrs. Clinton gets elected , this fact will be as alien to her as it has been to current President Barack Obama.

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