Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Groups who should have voices heard at the Synod

Given that families with homosexual children are allowed to air their views at the Synod of the Family, I regard it as only fair that others who have had to live with the implications of a permissive lifestyle are allowed to get their grievances and concerns across to the cardinals present.

In my opinion, these should include but not be limited to:

Homosexuals who have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus or other sexually transmitted infections. 

In 2012, gay men accounted for a whopping 75% of new syphilis cases in the United States. Men who have sex with men currently make up around half of HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. However, they make up 2/3 of all new cases of the disease, meaning that in the long run it could become an exclusively homosexual disease. These figures, compiled by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States suggest that around 1 in 6 gay men have this affliction, many being unaware. I for one would love to hear such a man stand before the cardinals, among whom if Keith O'Brien was anything to go by there might be one or two with similar demons. It would be a life lesson to hear these men's thoughts on the faith, their thoughts on how their lifestyle brought them to this juncture and whether or not they tell convince themselves that it was the fault of a Church who instructed them not to participate in said activity. I honestly believe that if even one of these men agree to answer questions honestly and without hatred towards Our Lord and His Church then perhaps that man could see the love in which he is viewed by our faith, see the futility in resisting 'rules' which are in actuality truths of a universe created by a God who wants what's best. This, I think, would disassociate the person from the act and be far more pragmatic than anecdotes about Timmy and Tommy coming home from Christmas dinner together.

Struggling single mothers. 

Some single mothers are perfectly happy to have children with multiple men, of course they are. But, it must seem plain to anyone with half an eye in reality that upward trend in these situations is of a fatherless home. Fatherless because the child is not loved by its father? Not always. Though common. More often, it is because the father does not bear enough love for the woman who bore him the great miracle of life. For many of these men, the erosion of marriage as a sacrament and sexual intercourse as a holy event essentially permits their foray into one night stands and using women for sexual and selfish gratification. Just as Paul VI suspected. I would love to hear a single mother, betrayed by a man or men, speak of the struggles of daily life and of the disdain with which said males may have treated her. There is no compassion in some of them. Perhaps when Kasper et al. wake up to this reality from their mansions they will see that mercy is not permissive but supportive, not liberal but responsible. These women more than any other know the cost of 'irregular' living arrangements.

Children of divorced parents. 

A 2011 Canadian study found that young men who grew up in homes where a divorce had occurred were 3 times more likely to seriously consider suicide. The same study also found that drug addiction, violence and unemployment became natural parts of life in such individuals. Watching boyfriends come and go where your father should be present is not just discouraging, it is an attack on the natural rights of a young male to be raised by the man who created them. It is difficult to think of what could be more rewarding than spending time with your children and yet, for women it can often be stapling pieces of paper in an office or for men it can be slipping a bookie's pen behind your ear. Even the most hard hearted of cardinals would surely shudder at some of the horrible things that a child of divorce could put before them. Divorce in reality is not the Steven Spielberg version, where dinosaurs and extra-terrestrials do their best to help you get over it, it is a lonely and embittering path for many self-loathing children and teens. These children need to have their voices heard. It would be a reflection of the true state of things to see such a young person tremble and weep through an honest but awkward speech before the men present.

Father with no rights.

Father's rights groups have been a phenomenon of recent times in Western Europe, for good reason. Too often marriages where the man has done no wrong ends up with him nonetheless being considered automatically to be the culprit with the woman getting custody. Although women are naturally more inclined to family life, unfortunately the horrors of mistreatments presented in divorce courts shows us that this is a rule that has exceptions. No doubt a father who was a victim of such injustice would had no issues setting the record straight.

Children of sperm donors

Need we say more? Imagine knowing that you were created with the least amount of love imaginable. Now, no doubt many of these children are raised with love thereafter and would nonetheless be grateful for their existence in the first place. But imagine the nightmare of tracking down your father after being essentially treated as a product.

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