Thursday, October 16, 2014

Even the Vatican can't stand Justin Bieber

Nobody knows how to party quite like 'an only God can judge me' Christian knows how to party.

When he's not drink driving, recording songs that his record company asked someone to write for him or starting fights with paparazzi from behind his entourage, Justin Bieber likes to try his hand at the Snoop Dogg school of Christianity. Wearing a cross whilst indulging in the most ignorant and self-indulgent of behaviour does not get one to heaven.

Still, there's been many a sinner, from Bob Dylan to Mario Balotelli who knew to behave when in the company of the Pope and surrounded by the holy halls of St.Peter's.

Eccentric. Unpredictable. Unreliable on big stage. And there's Balotelli too.

Alas, the spoilt child from Canada could not be counted upon to do the same. On a trip to the Vatican last week, Biebz (do kids call him that?) was told exactly where to take his childishness by Swiss Guards upon kicking a football (we'll assume of the soccer kind) up and down the Papal halls. Surely after paying around €20,000 for the private tour with exclusive access, he could have at least paid attention for five minutes?

The son of a former Catholic, who attended a Catholic school himself, probably should have stopped by the Synod. A half hour with Bieber and the Cardinals would be re-introducing the oath against Modernism.

'My tattoo has a hidden meaning I can't tell people' You mean one of two things, you're a Freemason or else you want to be seen as one for publicity.

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