Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'Bishop' apologises for praying for unborn children

This won't do women's ordination any favours in the Catholic Church. An example of the inanity of Lutheranism and political pandering in state approved versions of Christianity occurred this week in Iceland.

The 'Bishop' Agnes M. Sigurðardótti had been invited to a prayer event known as 'Christian Day'. Unbeknown to the politically correct 'cleric', Agnes stepped up in front of the audience and 'accidentally' prayed before the congregation in the name of unborn children who were at risk of being murdered in the womb. Before her speech was formed, she knew it not... and spoke in emotional terms to television station RUV with the most apologetic terms to her state paymasters declaring,

'the Church puts the emphasis on life...but that is not to say that that abortions aren't appropriate in certain circumstances'.

Took the words right out of Christ's mouth! She also said that she had not been aware that such a ghastly prayer for unborn children would be included in her 'meditation' period. God forbid.

Incidentally, since 2012, Agnes has succeeded in driving down the numbers of practising Lutherans on the island, even as the population has increased...keep up the good work!

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