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Isis and the iPhone generation

How quickly revolutions grow old; and, worse still,                 respectable” G.K. Chesterton

                                      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
                                        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
                                  The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
                                      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
                                      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
                                             Are full of passionate intensity. 

If there was one aspect that marked post-Enlightenment Europe, it was that of debased revolution. The debasement of all notions of morality and encompassed authority. In the home, in politics and in the Church. You could take the proverbial alien, show him any isolated tragic blood strewn conflict from the twentieth century, be it Armenia, Bosnia or Rwanda and then watch as he struggles to comprehend that this is a mere microcosm of the degrading blood thirst of modern man. Concentration camps in the heart of civilised Europe, abortion slaughterhouses that are venerated by Americans (simply ask Nancy Pelosi for her avowed definition of sacred) and closed door culls by Communist dictatorships. Whatever your definition of humanity is, between 1900 and 2000 lay a Satanic and demonic century. Amongst the grasping for answers, most intellectuals and academics appealed to various sources, the great novels and tracts of the century ranging from insular angst to unapologetic misanthropy, essentially secular and emotionally detached. Through all the great writers of the post-war period, there permeated an astounding sense that man was not himself anymore. Whatever a man once was, he had mutated into something altogether more lonely, more terrible. The shock of the new. Literature became the less about understanding the world than about resenting it. But nobody framed this descent into neurosis as succinctly as gulag survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 'Man has forgotten God, that's why these things happened'. It was as simple as that, no psychology necessary.

An objective poll of any country in the Western world will tell you that History has come to regard the Holocaust, the indiscriminate murder of 6 million Jews and millions more of minorities, as the greatest crime of those one hundred years. There is a sense of outrage, most of it aimed in perplexing fashion at the Church of long time Nazi opponent Eugenio Pacelli, that the world did not do what needed to be done to keep those people alive. Pope Francis recently said the obvious regarding the cultural inclination to blame a Church so often accused of meddling too much in state affairs, 'I don't know why everyone picks on Pius XII and the Church, but no one talks about the Allied Forces, they knew the railway network which transported Jews to the concentration camps very well. They had photographs. But they did not bomb the tracks. Why?'

St. Edith Stein. Died in concentration camps.

The modern bureaucratic government knows no responsibility. The modern bureaucratic citizen feels no responsibility for electing such leaders. In Rwanda, Bosnia and Sudan since then, we have seen the world pass over on exercising the authority that the Church apparently should have displayed in World War II. The rallying cry of 'never again' evident in classroom discussions, book club readings of Sophie's Choice and viewings of Schindler's List, is a hollow rendering of consumerist role play. Young people today have no intentions of protesting or avoiding genocide anywhere should it occur again, they are merely reacting as post-modernism wants them to, with whimsical inaction. 

But far be it from us to see this generation as lost. As JFK defined the optimism of the early sixties, as Clinton defined the irreverence of the nineties, so too does Barack Obama define the arrogance and inanity of the early twenty first century. When Bill Clinton referred to Obama's life as a 'fantasy', he was accused or being a racist, a common criticism of Obama's supporters. But his essential critique was not based on the notion that an African-American could attain the highest office in the United States, it was based on the notion that Obama was the pure hearted carrier of hope and change that he posited himself as. And former President Clinton was correct in his sharp analysis, whatever his own motivations for saying so. This is a man who has marked his time in office with habitual lies and nastiness towards those who have differing world views.

These narcissistic traits are evident in any number of politicians, but Obama's traits are of a particularly self-deluded variety. From the beginning, his identity, in line with Clinton's criticism, was carefully construed as one that was all things to all men. Muslim? His father was one. Catholic? Went to a Catholic school.Gay? Loads of gay friends (and most importantly, campaign donors). Hedonist? Obama did it all, coke included. Apathethic? Obama loves dancing with Ellen so why not. These sorts of charades are only possible for as long as the campaign is. After that, comes the necessity to show true loyalties,devoid of showmanship. And show them he did, demanding that the Catholic Church adopt pro-contraceptive insurance policies amongst other thuggish Orwellian overtures. Every time that a criticism was made against Obama, ones that had been made repeatedly against Bush, he has had them shrugged off on account of his supposed good intentions.

The anarchy which has unfolded throughout the Arab world was probably the last thing even his most virulent of opponents expected. His Cairo Address during the early days of his presidency offered up an olive branch to the Islamic world, but also defined a tough line on opposing terrorism. 'We will relentlessly confront violent extremists who pose a great threat to our security because we resent the same thing that people of all faiths resent, the killing of innocent men, women and children'.  It seems like a no-brainer to honour a promise such as that. But what occured instead was a conscious effort to remove America from direct involvement and hence responsibility in Arab countries. What followed was a catastrophe that is hard to imagine any U.S. president equalling. Libya and Egypt were not just allowed, but actually encouraged to remove stable secular dictators and to install Islamist cabals instead. What began as the Arab Spring turned into open season on minorities, be they Coptic, Catholic, Shia or Jewish.

But where it all really started to turn sour was in Iraq and Syria. Obama's government armed the Islamists there instead of simply encouraging them. The results have been catastrophic, thousands of Christians murdered for their faith and no reply, no protest at all from the hashtag loving young people who adore dear leader.

This is a particularly repulsive indictment of the Western mindset. The purpose of the organisations and treaties brought into existence in the post-war period was to avoid the mistakes which enabled totalitarianism to reign by force and by indoctrination. Allowing ideologies powerful enough to fester in the mind of the populace to attain influence within governments, was the fault of a misguided concept of democratic imperative. This applied to politics naturally but in other ways too, particularly in the expansion of capitalism within economies and relativism within individual concepts of morality. This triumph of atheistic ideals over human experience and intuition occured in the cases of both Fascism and Communism, both combined debilitated the mind's capacity for compassion to the tune of over a hundred million deaths. Secular post-enlightenment ideologies had murdered ten times as many people in one century as had been killed in the entire history of sectarian conflict. Fast forward to 2014. United Nations. NATO. Ubiquitous media. At the click of a button the affluent white liberals who run the world's media could not just inform the world but could agitate successfully for some notion of assistance to the suffering of those in Iraq. But their answers are clear, nothing is to be done.

Obama's Cairo address...or perhaps Chamberlain, who knows. Either way, peace in our time. 

What an incisive exposition this is, of a generation bored by privilege and entertainment to the point that they see no shame in the contrasts between what excites them and what nullifies their interest. Look at the dreadfully embarrassing tears these young people shed over their 'progressive' society honouring an ancient practice such as sodomy as something post-modern and liberating. Many even suggest that it is the refusal to alter the definition of marriage is akin to centuries of slavery against African people! No hint of irony, the Same Love bandwagon is what happens when too much money is accompanied by too little sense. A generation that sits in all day demeaning themselves in front of pornographic images on a computer screen, that is so self-absorbed that they have had to fashion a term for taking photos of themselves and is so inane that they think that a celebrity's death takes second place to mass murder in the moral order. No amount of memes featuring quotes from mediocre comedians on matters of serious philosophical debate can change the fact that mass murder is being ignored.

What the wealthy part of the world was busy doing while a genocide took place

In Nigeria, they kidnap gangs of young girls. In Syria and Iraq, they crucify Christians. No hashtag campaign can drive home the reality of brutal violence to young people in the West who believe that war is a thing of the past. ISIS will not be stopped by anything other than brute force, which in turn can only come from a united Western Christian commitment. When they inevitable arrive on our shores, thanks to the delusions of Barack Obama et al, there is a generation who will feel for the very first time the absolute depths of their superficiality and self-idolatry. The Ciaro address was the beginning of a new era for the West and Islam, it was the a carte blanche invitation to Islamists to do as they please without worrying about interference from petrified little boys masquerading as world leaders. As Western young people lie the vast unreal swathes of their post-modern self-indulgence, ISIS prepare to cause harm.

Anyone have odds on Madonna setting up something at the Grammys to support Iraq's Christians?

Israel's continued troubled existence is the payment for the cultural apathy towards the suffering of Jews in World War II, one can only imagine what the repercussions will be for the inability to comprehend the evil of ISIS. One thing is certain, when ISIS inevitably carry out their first terror attack in Europe or the USA, the world of iPads and pop songs about the beauty of same-sex marriage will be seen for the whimsical nonsense that it was. For all your talk of how silly opponents of same-sex marriage will look in fifty years, imagine how you who permitted a Holocaust of people whom you disliked for their beliefs will look in fifty years. Imagine you who looked away from the crucifixions of Christians will look in two thousand years will look, as the Romans now do. If the Iraqi Christians were instead a plethora of homosexuals, this never would have been allowed to happen. God help us all.

No longer a part of the history books

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