Monday, July 21, 2014

Arab Christians continue to suffer in silence

In every locality there are stories of mistreatment and desolation which remain seldom, if ever heard. These can range from private tragedies, of the kinds relationships fester, to murders and acts of violence, on various scales. If generations succeed they can turn the mistreatment of their ancestors and themselves, whether public or private, into avoidance of a similar maltreatment occurring again. They can even seek revenge and never forgive their neighbours for their behaviour.

But sadly, there are other cases. There are those who suffer and leave no human account of the gruesome manner with which their attackers plagued them. When I read minute accounts (for that is all the liberal media are privy to writing with minorities that they find ideologically repugnant) of sectarian violence against Christians in the Muslim world, I am reminded of a horror story from my own locality. In the mid 17th century, Oliver Cromwell's ravenous Protestant ideologues were tearing through Ireland, with a blood lust that only a handful of commanders in history have been capable of inspiring. This genocide spared neither man, woman or child throughout the Irish countryside as they murdered with whatever force was necessary. In Kildare, the supposed murder of two British soldiers (by two locals, apparently) led to the two accused being hung before the entire village was shipped off to Barbados to be sold into slavery. The familiar narrative that there is some blanket guilt to be shared amongst white people for the crimes of slavery in the Americas and West Indies hold back a story such as this, Irish people's whiteness and Christianity interfering with a politically correct assumption that whites and Christians share innate commonality and hence this story is an anomaly rather than a commonality.

So, instead, we forget this and the many other issues surrounding those Irish who were made slaves. We ignore that there is a section of Irish DNA in the West Indies gene pool. We ignore that Montserrat celebrates St. Patrick's Day because of the 60,000 or so Irish who were sent there as slaves. Forgotten, ignored and shamed. The terror that they must have felt on those ships across the Atlantic, not even worthy of recollection or sorrow by their own descendants here.

It is easy to think, from watching the news this week, that Israel and Palestine are the greatest threat to world peace. That the tragedy in Ukraine is equally foreboding for the globe. And yet, without denigrating either, they both pale in volume and significance to that which has been taking place against Christians at the hands of Islamists for the past decade. As the West removed one stable dictator after another, organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS filled the vacuum left by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's reckless and careless foreign policies. 

And the West is not interested. The same West that exploded on Twitter when Luis Suarez bit someone, cannot quite summon the courage to oppose what is happening to people who share the same cultural heritage as them. To people who are enduring the same fate that many of our ancestors suffered not only from then Reformation but from colonialism too. 

The centre of the violence this week is Mosul, Iraq. Almost 2,000 years have passed since the Church was spread to there. And what are they enduring now, after almost a decade of Western presence in the country? Expulsion, rape, murder. Having to flee on foot with all of their belongings. The homes of these Christians are being marked to distinguish them as so, to make them easier to know who to kill and where to capture once they have left. 

The letter N being daubed on Christian homes in Mosul

So why is the West so apathetic? For the simple reason that they are so antagonistic towards the faith as a whole. The same ideology which forgets the slaves of Montserrat is the one that treats these Christians as being unworthy of making the news, of being a part of protests at embassies and the streets of capital cities. The same ideology which prompts flippant, materialistic, secular atheists to comment upon it, as one reader did on an article by Tim Stanley on the Telegraph website '"For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul."
So they won't be celebrating a human blood sacrifice any more. Ever think that you're part of the problem Tim?'.

The 1,800 year old Church burned by ISIS in Mosul

From Libya to Iraq, Syria to China, Nigeria to North Korea, the West is ignoring the persecution of our Christian brothers. This is particularly true in the Arab world, as Islamists are being allowed by Barack Obama to replace the old secular regimes which for all their flaws, were far more benign than what we see now. For our part in the West, the penny has also finally dropped. The disinterest and even glee with which many atheists are taking at the plight of Christians in the Arab world is enough to remind us to cherish our faith. The absence of world leaders with an interest in the sufferings of a small minority, unfashionable and gauche as us Christians are, is the shame of our times. 

What would the atheists and secular media have done in the 30s when the Jews were suffering under the Nazis? Nothing, just as they are doing now. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better and it this rate, the emergence or Russia as a superpower to the impotent USA and EU seems against all the odds preferable this carnage.

Let us always remember the words of John 15:18

'If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.'

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