Tuesday, June 24, 2014

St. John The Baptist

Ah! the wanton one! the harlot! ah! the daughter of Babylon 
with her golden eyes and her gilded eyelids! Thus saith the 
Lord God, Let there come up against her a multitude of men. 
Let the people take stones and stone her...

from the Oscar Wilde play Salome

The nightmare reign of Barack Obama reached two new lows this week. One was from his perspective. His popularity has now fallen to 37% in poll ratings, numbers that would have been considered low for even Bush in the post-Katrina period. The other low was his taking the stage at a money spinning 'fundraiser' , at which point he declared his delight with the advancement of the interests of homosexuals during his time in office. All this partying and money grabbing with wealthy homosexuals occurring while Iraq descended into Civil War, another Muslim country to suffer from Obama's indifference to any subject that does not directly relate to genitalia.

It is easy for us to be tempted into pitying ourselves being stuck with such a warped mind as the leader of the free world. But history gives us examples of how such characters inevitably fail, nowhere more so than in the gospels.

I am sure that Kimg Herod had military failures as Obama has had, was economically incompetent also and most likely had an inclination to serve himself before others.  Despite those, he will be remembered eternally as the man who could not stand to hear the criticism of another regarding his sordid personal life.

Herod had divorced and remarried his sister in law, Herodias. For daring to speak the truth that the solemn vow of marriage is until death, John was thrown into prison.  After Herod enjoyed a dance  from his steo daughter Salome in return for any wish to be granted, the mother decided that they would seek bloody revenge. And Herod the coward, reluctantly agreed.

Herod was reluctant, not because he loved John, but because he feared for his own safety if he killed a supposed prophet.

In our troubled age, those of us who hold marriage to be sacred and necessary to God's plan and to a functioning society , should not be afraid to speak our minds like John and not be surprised at the repurcussions.  For John let them cut off his head, let them imprison him. They can do the same to all of us who hold marriage as one man one woman but the teuth is not as easily silenced.

Lies cower before truth. That is why so many priests are so ineffective on the rare occassion that they speak out against civil marriages between two members of the same sex, because they do nit have the courage of their convictions. We need to be convinced that the truth is on our side.  As John did, we need to do our best and let Our Lord take care of everything else.

And when Obama and the rest come knocking on your door, rest assured, for it will be given to you in that hiur what to say.

St. John the Baptist pray for us and all those whonsupport dicorce and other damaging things towards the sacrament of marriage.

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